Us tank UAV sensitive information is "black" weakness or exposure

Us tank UAV sensitive information is

[World Network military July 14th] Hongkong's "Ming Bao" website quoted CNN (CNN) in July 13th, a network information company in the United States found that a hacker who was believed to have been from South America had earlier invaded a captain of the United States Air Force through a router loophole to steal the information. Sensitive information of human-machine and tank, and try to sell it in "dark net". The FBI is investigating the incident.

These documents cover the private list of the MQ-9A "Reaper" UAV related staff, and the maintenance and course materials, although not confidential, but once falling into the hands of the enemy, it is possible to divulge the pipeline to obtain the related technology and see the weakness of the "death" UAV.

Network intelligence information company "future record" network security investigators confirmed the authenticity of the document, and researchers also contacted hackers in "dark nets", the report said. In addition to the UAV data, hackers also obtained bomb training manuals, tank operation manuals and tank forces strategy documents.

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