Russian experts commentary on the 4 crash of China's 15:, but they are all fine questions.

Russian experts commentary on the 4 crash of China's 15:, but they are all fine questions.

Fighter aircraft carrier fighter jets -15

[World Wide Web military report] aircraft carrier formation, big country heavy equipment, and carrier aircraft on carrier is absolutely top priority. Recently, the media said that China is developing a new generation of Shipborne fighters to replace the fighter -15. At the same time, it is not perfect in technology and needs to be updated as soon as possible. Hong Kong media and Russian media and American media have paid attention and interpretation to this issue. The US national interest magazine even said China wanted to replace it. Today we will listen to the views of Russian military expert Vasily Kashen. The following is his main view:

Cashin believes that the fighter -15 is likely to be the cornerstone of the PLA for many years or even decades, and will be improved, and the existing defects will be gradually eradicated.

He believes that the existing models in the mass production stage will start developing the next generation of aircraft, which is the usual practice of China's aviation industry. Kashen mentioned that before the launch of mass production by Chengdu fighter -20, the Shenyang aircraft industry group began developing the sixth generation fighter. There was also sporadic news that the -31 FC-31 Navy version would become a future carrier based aircraft. By the end of 2016, the second prototype machines, which have been greatly altered, will begin to test flight by the end of 2016. The naval version of the fighter -31 will absorb all the experience of the basic version test. Since the improvements in the shipboard will be very different from the existing models, the related work will continue for several years, and then the mass production will be started to solve the inevitable quality problems. The first shipboard version of the -31 will not be able to reach the initial operational state until mid 2020s. Before that, China will have to continue to use the -15.

The official version of the fighter -31 model

Russian expert Kashen mentioned that the four crash of the -15 fighter showed that there were "minor problems", which is not surprising. China gave up the purchase of Russian Su -33 and its production license, instead of buying Ukraine -33 prototype machine T-10K-7 for testing. After buying the machine, Chinese engineers began to develop its improved version.

Kashin also believes that although there are slight problems, the basic structure of the J -15 is very suitable for the naval version of heavy fighter, which has a large range and powerful weapons, and is structurally similar to the fighter -11B/BS, the fighter -16 and the Su -30, which are being used by the PLA shore based aviation and air force. It seems that after spending extra time and money, Chinese people are gradually overcome the existing difficulties and will have a reliable and powerful carrier aircraft in the future.

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