Man driving a truck into Nu River witnesses: 8 seconds later, the car disappeared.

Man driving a truck into Nu River witnesses: 8 seconds later, the car disappeared.

Original title: man driving a truck accidentally rollover into Nu River witnesses: 8 seconds later, the car disappeared.

Yunnan Internet news (reporter Xiong Qiang Zhao Lihao) recently, Yunnan Dali Yunlong County Li a truck driving a full load of sand stone driving in the Gong Shan county, through a construction section, the vehicle lost the balance back to the Nu River, has not been found. The reporter learned from the relevant departments, after the incident, the local fire immediately arrived at the scene, after the investigation, the accident vehicles fell into the river and can not see the body, has no conditions for rescue.

Witness: a truck loaded with gravel fell into the Nu River.

According to the wagon driver's wife Yang, about 7 o'clock in the morning on June 27th, her husband Li and his friend Tian some driving wagons pulled a car of sand and gravel from Gong Shan county to Maji Township, Fu Gong county, and two people were driving on the road in the first one. Unexpectedly, the truck that her husband drove turned into the river.

In June 28th, Tian told reporters that he and Li took a few goods together because he had pulled over a few goods together. When the world was drizzle, the road was wet and slippery, he drove about 100 meters behind Li, and there were not many vehicles on the road, and there were no headers. But when driving to a construction section, Lee's car lost its balance and rollover into the river, and the car disappeared in front of him after 8 seconds. "At that time, the road was not under construction, and only one construction worker was at the scene." Tian said.

As Tian recalled the danger of the time, there was a cone in the road on the road, and Li's car did not exceed the cone, and the wheel was trapped inside the cone. When the vehicle crashed into the river, he immediately called on the local traffic police department.

Related departments: do not see the body has no rescue conditions.

When he learned of her husband's accident, Yang did not stop to get to the scene, and then he turned to the local fire department, but the water was fast, and the fire officers and soldiers had no way of doing it. "If we can lift the truck, maybe we can find him in the cab, but the river is too urgent for us to do anything about it."

The reporter learned from the relevant departments that the local fire department had received an alarm that 1 people were trapped, and the fire officers and men rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the police. After the accident, the vehicle fell into the river and did not see the body and did not have the rescue conditions.

In addition, in June 29th, a staff member of the Gong Shan county traffic police team responded to reporters that when they arrived at the scene, they did not see the car after the falling river. Through multiple investigations, only one driver lost the Union and it was still not searched. "Now the Nu River has entered the rainy season flood season, sometimes the river water is flooded, the current is particularly rapid." The staff member said.

Driver's wife: still concealing the children and the elderly at home.

He and her husband have a 8 year old son, who are now in grade two and are going to take the final exam. The old man's physical condition is not so good. He dared not tell them the bad news. "It is hoped that the villagers' friends along the Nu River of the Kutan county will be able to pay attention to the situation of the river. If you see the people on the water surface in the Nu River or there are the people lying on the river, please contact the local police in time."

Source: Yunnan network

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