The woman was killed by her boyfriend and the dog approached the police for nearly 10 kilometers to find the body.

The woman was killed by her boyfriend and the dog approached the police for nearly 10 kilometers to find the body.

Russian woman killed her pet dog by her boyfriend in the wild and took the police nearly 10 kilometers to find the body.

After a Russian man murdered his girlfriend in the wild and abandoned his girlfriend's pet dog, he did not expect the last dog to take the police to find the body. The man had been arrested.

A man named Arkadi Antonov (Arkadiy Antonov) in St Petersburg, Russia's second largest city, was angry at his girlfriend and other men and killed 39 year old girlfriend Maria Frankova (Maria Frolenkova), the Daily Mail reported on Sunday.

It is said that antantno and F Len Kurkovva were quarrelling two people on their way back to the city from the countryside hut, and F Len Kurkovva admitted that she was dating other men who knew it on the Internet.

Antonov drove the car into a secluded forest path where he beat and killed F Len Kurkovva and covered her body with leaves and branches.

Antonov, who was worried that his girlfriend's pet kolkie dog Foksa would find the body, drove the dog 6 miles (about 9.7 kilometers) away, threw it out of the car and drove away.

A few hours later, the police discovered the kkey dog, fox, on the roadside. The police said it seemed that the kkie dog wanted them to follow it - eventually the dog led the police to the side of the hostess's body.

Antonov was arrested in a few hours. If convicted, he will face up to 15 years in prison.

Police said Anton off, who met F Len Kurkovva on a dating website, had divorced, and one girl and one girl were still at school.

It is said that he was fascinated by F Len Kurkovva. F Len Kurkovva lived in luxury, owning his own apartment, country villas and high-end cars.

In search of a better life, Antonov moved to St Petersburg from Tver Oblast in western Russia.

F Len Kurkovva made it clear that she was not interested in establishing a serious relationship with him, but he did not give up.

A police spokesman said: "the suspect was detained for hours after the body was found."

The dog was taken away by the victims' relatives. The current survey is still continuing.


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