Australian media commentary on the Chinese Navy: the rapid development of the fleet will face the shortage of warships.

Australian media commentary on the Chinese Navy: the rapid development of the fleet will face the shortage of warships.

According to the article entitled "China's growing navy", published in July 11th by the loy interpreter website of Australia, the Chinese navy is now relying on highly educated and skilled personnel to equip its new warship with its own.

The article says the Chinese navy is expanding so rapidly that personnel planners are under pressure for the newly built warship staffs, not to say that the inevitable surge of shore workers and technicians will be filled.

In 1986, the Chinese Navy had 18 destroyers and 31 frigates. However, no warship is equipped with a combat data system or a long-range air defense missile, only one can carry a helicopter, and the aircraft is unlikely to work at night. In addition to the most basic radar or sonar devices, all warships do not have any other equipment or digital equipment.

In 2018, the Chinese Navy had developed to the level of a 10000 ton large destroyer every year. In addition, the Chinese navy has four missile destroyers, two missile frigates and nine small missile frigates each year. These warships are equipped with advanced computers, data links, long-range weapons and radar capable of being unimaginable by earlier generations of ships.

The picture is the Chinese Navy 052D destroyer

The article believes that the Chinese navy is clearly launching its "star character". Many commanders commanding convoys in the India ocean were senior naval commanders.

The article speculates that the Chinese navy will expand rapidly and may encounter similar situations in the British navy during World War I. During the first World War, the Royal Navy carried out large-scale promotion of the fleet as a result of the rapid and extensive expansion of the fleet, but some of them were incompetent for new positions. The lesson is that the Chinese navy can't ignore it.

The article believes that the Chinese navy must solve the problem of shortage of naval vessels, and develop naval forces that can carry out all dimensional operations under this premise. With the expansion of fleet size, China must look for and train personnel to manage their tactical R & D teams, test units, training schools, certification bodies and future capacity design and planning systems without foreign aid. None of these tasks can be ignored. They all need practical experience and technical expertise.

The article commented that the Chinese navy is extremely intelligent and diligent. They are determined to make China a world naval power. If the state is willing to put enough resources into this task, the Chinese navy will eventually be as strong as its leaders want. There is no doubt that the Chinese navy has been awesome in many respects and can achieve many goals to deal with many possible opponents. However, the Chinese Navy still has a long way to go before it can fully grasp the ability to carry out all dimensional operations in the open sea environment.

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