Girls with cerebral palsy are being drowned by their dearest relatives.

Girls with cerebral palsy are being drowned by their dearest relatives.

Original title: a girl with cerebral palsy was drowned by a close relative. Her grandmother cried on her sick bed: her son had been questioned, and her family had been scattered.

The "Nanjing unclaimed female corpse case", which has attracted much attention, was cracked in July 25th. Nanjing police arrested the suspect Yang Mou, Yang Mousong. The two men were the father and grandfather of the girl who was killed, the police said.

A month ago, Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Jiangning branch official micro-blog @ Nanjing Jiangning police issued a "search for the source of the source" said that in the morning of June 25th, a river in Jiangning District, Nanjing, found a body of an anonymous girl. But after the announcement, no one has been claimed.

In July 26th, Mrs. Ge told reporter that her granddaughter Xuan, Xuan Xuan, was born in November 15, 2010, and had cerebral palsy and lung disease. His parents were unable to take care of themselves and their parents divorced. But the children's father Yang has always been more fond of children, and gave it to grandma granny.

Recently, Granny kudzu had an operation for bowel cancer. Her granddaughter was unattended. Her father took her to Nanjing and said to the grandfather who lived at the site, but he didn't think the child had a "accident".

Granny Ge said that after she was aware of the abnormality, she asked her son, Yang, to respond to something, but the answer was that the child was "no longer in the world."

Ms. Xuan has been looked after by grandma Ge, who was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer in early June. An surging journalist, Qiu Hai

"The whole house has been scattered."

"Now that the eggs are beaten, the whole house is scattered." Grandma granny, a murdered girl, told the surging news.

In the afternoon of July 26th, an surging journalist came to Jinghu District, Wuhu, Anhui. In his aunt Xuan's family, she saw granny Ge. At this time, she was in bed with the operation of colon cancer. The day before, her husband and son were captured by the Nanjing police.

According to Ms. Ge, Xuan has been suffering from lung disease and cerebral palsy since childhood, and has been raised by her.

She was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer in June 12th and underwent surgery in a hospital in Wuhu. Because Xuan did not look after him, Yang rang her mother, Ms. Ge, to see a doctor. He sent her daughter to Nanjing for a while to help her father Yang Mousong. At that time, Yang Mousong had worked in Nanjing for 3 months to see the gate for a market in Jiangning.

Granny told the news that she had finished her first chemotherapy, and returned home to ask her son, "how did her granddaughter have no news for so long", "the son cried, the child is no longer in the world." Granny said she was "crying on the spot".

As for what happened at that time, granny said that his son was "not clear", just saying he drove the car to a river in Nanjing, and his wife "took his granddaughter down the car", and Xuan Xuan was drowned.

"Sons and husbands have been arrested. I do not want to live, nor do I want to cure them." Granny said to the surging news.

On the morning of July 26th, the village committee of the home of Xuan Xuan set up a "difficult family certificate" for the family.

It was written that the parents had been divorced for years and the child was raised by his father, but because of his life, his father had worked in Wuhu and had no time to look after the child, so the child had been carrying it around his grandparents and grandma. Xuan himself is a mental class two (disability certificate). The second hospital of Wuhu is diagnosed as severe mental retardation.

In June 6, 2018, Miss Xuan was diagnosed as rectal malignancy in Wuhu Yi Mountain hospital, which has been operated on and is under treatment. Grandpa Xuan has no job and no job. He works and works hard to maintain his family life. Xuan usually donated by his neighbors. At present, family life is particularly difficult.

The girl suffered from cerebral palsy and was brought up by her grandmother

According to granny's statement, Yang, a son, graduated from a normal university in Anhui. After working, he fell in love with his colleagues and married. In November 2010, the couple gave birth to the daughter Xuan, Xuan Xuan.

"When a child is born, it is found that something is wrong, it will not cry, nor can it defecate normally." Ms. Ge said that the family took Xuan Xuan to the major hospitals for medical treatment and was finally diagnosed in a hospital in Nanjing. Xuan Xuan had caused cerebral palsy because of his lung problems.

According to granny granny, she was looked after since the birth of Xuan Xuan. After being diagnosed with cerebral palsy, his son and daughter-in-law often quarrelled and eventually divorced.

"The hospital said that the child could not survive, but the son did not give up her, and said," Mom, she is my own flesh and blood. " Granny said in tears.

According to granny granny, Xuan can't eat normally. He buys milk for her. "I chew the food every day and feed it to her." When she couldn't walk normally, Grandma Ge helped her child walk.

Granny said, although Xuan Xuan is only 1 years old baby's intelligence, but the child is "cute", very sticky, I saw her grandmother holding her. She has raised her daughter as "her daughter".

In granny's view, Xuan Xuan is an inseparable part of her life. Seeing that her son had been single since her divorce, she couldn't bear to go back to his hometown in Huaian, Jiangsu, hoping that her son could remarry as soon as possible and reorganize the family.

"Two bricks" in a drowning schoolbag

When he was two years old, Ms. Ge returned to Huaian with Xuan Xuan and settled in an idle private house. Both grandparents and grandchildren lived in Huaian for six or seven years before returning to Wuhu after she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer.

"My son is under great pressure. He has to pay more than 1000 yuan a month for housing. He also asked me to take my children to see the doctors in the major hospitals, and the medical expenses will be more than 1000 yuan a month. In order to relieve the pressure of her son, she took Xuan Xuan, riding a tricycle to pick up the waste, and was about to "earn more than 40 yuan" a day.

According to granny's statement, according to common sense, she took her granddaughter away from home, and her son could go blind to find her own happiness without "burden". But her son has never married anyone. Ms. Ge speculated that he should be "afraid of dragging other women".

The weather is uncertain, and she has been diagnosed with advanced intestinal cancer for a long time.

Granny said, later, his son took him to the hospital in Wuhu for treatment. Granny said that after she was admitted to the hospital, "(son) still had her granddaughter playing in the ward." When grandma granny saw her granddaughter, the child's long hair had been cut short.

"I used to help him wash it every day." When I was ill, I couldn't take care of it. " Granny remorse said, "if it weren't for your illness, it wouldn't have happened."

In granny's memory, the appearance of Xuan Xuan, a granddaughter, has been fixed in his life - wearing a long sleeved pink coat, a blue seven - minute pair of trousers, and a schoolbag on his back. "A year ago, I put a brick in the schoolbag and weighed about 4 jin to train the child for waist strength."

According to "Legal Daily" reported earlier, after autopsy, drowning girls in Nanjing river line is consistent with drowning characteristics. But there are two bricks in the backpack, weighing up to 8 Jin.

Granny said that she did not expect that after sending Xuan to Nanjing, Grandpa Yang Mousong "put another brick." However, her claim has not yet been confirmed.

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