Surging: fishing at low fares is a price swindle, which must be punished.

Surging: fishing at low fares is a price swindle, which must be punished.

Original title: "low fare fishing": price fraud must be punished.

You've probably seen cheap tickets on the App, but you can't make a formal order. Many people blame it on their "bad luck", but do not know that this is the OTA platform full of routines.

According to Xinhua news agency, Mr. Kong in Shenzhen, on Ctrip "booking 19 days, repeated attempts to submit orders for nearly 100 times, seeing the ticket from 7300 yuan to 11000 yuan!" Finally, Ctrip's customer service told the truth: App end display price is less than 600 yuan lower than the actual price of air ticket, cause ticket orders can not be submitted, if necessary, through the actual price of the backstage!

Ms. Hu, in Ningbo, was also faced with a similar price fraud: a single ticket price of 1752 yuan, but 540 yuan each time they were ready to pay.

If you want to make a cheap ticket, you can't complete the order, or add a big cut to the cost. The cold App interface does not explain and does not explain, most people think they are "bad luck", but they don't know the "illusory mirror" of the cheese on the merchant rat trap.

To this phenomenon, the net friend is not unaware before, on the contrary, there are many slots: where are the tickets for the low price aircraft? It's in the PUSH ad. The low price airplane ticket "missing", how to do? You change the ID to log in, the low price ticket is back again!

Using its powerful information advantages and technical advantages, individual booking websites play the consumer in the palm of the stock, and ignore the integrity spirit of an enterprise.

The game between consumers and businesses is disproportionate. Now let individual consumers face where, the Internet beasts like Ctrip are more difficult to talk about a fair game. In particular, now these App ticket price information and PUSH advertising, completely by the merchant, a little careless consumers, believe the character of the business, may be the way. Ctrip and where the two, before because of the "bundled sales of air tickets", everywhere to consumers buried mines, the media repeatedly exposed and criticized, can not think of "low fare fishing" means.

The rise of e-commerce is due to the transparency of Internet transactions. However, some of the OTA platforms have become the Internet giants, but they continue to play small moves in price and make the business of bright and bright.

It's not because the consumers' personality is bad, but it's really because of the bad personality of the businessmen. Rights can not be powerless, fraud can not arrogant, illegal should be severely punished, such blatant price fraud should be severely punished. "Entering abalone shop for a long time without being aware of its stink" is by no means an excuse for business to continue to do evil, and the ongoing enactment of the "e-commerce law" must be vigorous.

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