Li Keqiang heard reports on progress of illegal production of vaccines in Changchun

Li Keqiang heard reports on progress of illegal production of vaccines in Changchun

Original title: Li Keqiang presided over the standing meeting of the State Council to listen to the report on the progress of the investigation of the cases of rabies vaccine in Changchun Changsheng company, Jilin.

The premier of the State Council, President Li Keqiang, held a standing meeting of the State Council in July 30th to listen to the report on the progress of the investigation of the illegal production of rabies vaccine in Changchun Changsheng, Jilin, and requested that the long-term mechanism of the safety of drug safety should be firmly established and established; the deployment of educational funds for the use of structure and the implementation of compulsory education teachers The education is satisfied by the people.

The meeting heard the report of the investigation team of the State Council. It has been basically ascertained that in the process of producing people using the lyophilized rabies vaccine, Changchun Changsheng company has serious violations of the national drug standards and the standard of the quality management of the drug production, the modification of the production process, the production and inspection records, and the destruction of evidence, which are very bad in nature and are suspected of crimes. The public security organ has been detained and asked for approval to arrest the responsible person. Next, the investigation team of the State Council should continue to carry out in-depth work. First, according to the results of the case investigation, we should impose severe penalties on the enterprises and responsible persons involved and the participants in accordance with the law, and impose a huge fine on them, and further investigate the criminal responsibility by the judicial organs, so that the serious offenders are sentenced to prison, and they are expelled from the market in accordance with the law, and they are not allowed to engage in the production and operation of drugs for life. Two, we should guide all regions to recycle and destroy the unused vaccine. Those who have been exported must supervise the recall of enterprises and inform the WHO and the relevant countries in a timely manner. Strict examination of the other vaccines produced by the enterprises involved and the immediate disposal of the problems were found. We will accelerate the completion of the whole chain supervision and inspection of all the 46 vaccine manufacturers in China, and announce the results to the public in a timely manner. Three, we must thoroughly carry out the investigation of regulatory responsibilities, and we must not be soft hearted. On the end of the negligence of dereliction of duty and dereliction of duty, a heavy blow to the corruption of the law and the delivery of interests should be dealt with, and the responsibility for leadership should be severely punished according to law. Fourthly, we should make a comprehensive investigation of the vaccination situation, and scientifically formulate the response plan according to the results of risk assessment made by experts in relevant fields. Relevant departments should make explanations based on facts and respond to social concerns in a timely manner. The five needs to focus on the research and put forward the plan to further improve the vaccine research and development, production, circulation, the use of the whole process supervision system, to build a long-term mechanism to ensure the safety of the masses.

It is pointed out that, in order to get a good education for the people, the compulsory education should be taken as the most important part of the education, and the structure of educational expenditure should be optimized to promote the development of fair and quality education. All localities should formulate basic standards for funds and financial allocations for school students at all levels in the region, and establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism. We should guide the social forces to increase the investment in education. The funds for public education funds are guaranteed and incremental funds are used to support children in poor areas and poor families. Performance management should cover all financial and educational funds, prohibit the construction of luxury schools beyond the standard, and use every sum of education funds to the key.

The conference listened to the report on the implementation of the investigation and investigation of the salary and treatment of primary and secondary school teachers, and emphasized that the responsibility of local government should be strengthened to ensure that the average wage income of compulsory education teachers was not less than the average wage level of local civil servants. All of the provinces that have not met the above requirements should be fixed in a limited period, and the provinces with strong financial resources should speed up the progress in particular. The Ministry of education and the Ministry of finance should report to the Ministry of education and the Ministry of finance to carry out the supervision in a timely manner. The meeting called for timely and full payment of hardship allowance for remote areas, rural teachers living allowance, etc., to increase the proportion of secondary and senior teachers in compulsory education schools. We must strictly standardize the management of teachers' establishment, and speed up the compilation of qualified teachers, and implement equal pay for equal work.

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