BMW and the Wrangler collided with the full responsibility. The next day a video reversed the accident.

BMW and the Wrangler collided with the full responsibility. The next day a video reversed the accident.

Original title: [police alert] accident reversal, the Wrangler takes full responsibility!

Recently, it happened on the Qingping high speed

A collision accident between a horse man and a BMW

After the accident, the traffic police in Shenzhen based on the scene.

Judge BMW car driver full responsibility!

However, the BMW driver for the next day

To apply for a review of the accident

And provide a key video


At 22:20 on July 25, 2018, there was a traffic accident on the Hongling Road in Qingping expressway. Shenzhen traffic police arrived at the scene of the accident and found that the barrier guardrail in the middle of the road was damaged. The BMW BZ694F of Guangdong Province was seriously damaged. At the scene of the accident, there was also a license plate for the herd horse of Guangdong B0L61Y. The scene of the police investigation found no signs of scraping on the vehicle.

According to the situation of the field investigation, the police in charge of the Shenzhen traffic police decided that the traffic accident was a single traffic accident. The driver of the BMW car took all the responsibility of the accident, and the driver, Wei Mou, confirmed the signature on the spot.

In the afternoon of July 26th, BMW driver Wei, to Luohu traffic police team, made a review of the traffic accident, and provided a video of a travel recorder sent by a net friend.

Video shows that when the horse man car changed the lane to the right, it hit the left side of the BMW car. Then, the head of the BMW car collided with the stone pier in the road, crashed the guardrail, hit the roadside stone step and stopped, and the vehicle was damaged seriously.

After viewing the video, the police responsible for handling the accident immediately notified the other party Guo Mou to Luohu traffic police brigade to cooperate with the investigation. Guo said that due to urgent need to return to Hunan on the morning of 27, the two sides agreed on July 30 at 15 p.m. to Luohu traffic police brigade to deal with.

At 15 p.m. on July 30th, the two sides came to the Luohu Traffic Police Brigade accident squadron.

The police started the review procedure according to law, and the liability of the accident was identified as follows: in the accident, when Kuo B0L61Y, the driver of the Cantonese horse man, changed the driveway, it affected the normal driving motor vehicle, and the accident was all responsible for the accident, and the BZ694F BMW driver, Wei, was responsible for the accident.

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