What's the use of the round hole on the stool? The truth is a surprise

What's the use of the round hole on the stool? The truth is a surprise

Original title: [practical] what does a circular hole on a stool do? The truth is a surprise

In our daily life, a lot of things come into contact almost every day, but many times, people may never notice their existence, let alone their real use. Now, talk to you about these cold knowledge.

What is the hole in the stool?

I believe many people are curious about what the small hole in the chair is for. Originally, this is for transportation convenience. If there are no holes in the middle of chairs, so many chairs will be difficult to stack.

Similarly, if the chairs overlap together, they will form a closed space between them, and if it is not breathable in this hole, it is difficult to pull out the power of the flood.

Why must the chair be a round hole

If the hole in the middle of the chair is stressed, it will crack easily. In addition, the size of the round hole is also required, hole too large will affect the entire chair structure, hole too small and not easy to reach out to hook the finger, take is not convenient. If the bear child accidentally gets stuck, it will be sad.

A little nail on the jeans

Do you know what the nail is used for jeans? This is used to reinforce the strength of the pants, because these stitches are easy to crack, and a few small nails can prevent tearing at the seams.

The blue part of the rubber

Many people don't use the rubber in the blue part because they can't erase the writing of pencils. In fact, they are used to remove pen handwriting. If you look carefully, you will find pictures of pens on it.

A small hole at the end of a tape.

Have you noticed that there is a small hole at the top of the box, when a nail or a screw is caught in a small hole, so that a nail or a screw can be kept to avoid slipping and easy to measure.

A small hole in the side of a shoe

Some people may think that small holes in shoes are ventilated. That's wrong. Its function is to tighten the shoes further through the shoelace, but people usually don't use it.

There is a hole in the handle of the pan

The holes on the handle of the pot are not known. First, it is convenient to hang up the pot. As we all know, two is to put spoons.

There is a small hole in the bottom of the padlock

The existence of this small hole, one is to prevent the accumulation of water in the lock, leading to the lock core rusting; two through this small hole, can be lubricated by dripping oil, easy to use.

The F and J of the keyboard have protruding

Many people have spent so much time on computers that they may not find small bumps on F and J. These two little bumps are designed to make it easier for us not to look down at the keyboard all the time, but to put our fingers in the right place by touching them.

The spines on the top of the ointment

The newly bought ointment will be covered with a sharp thorn, which will help you pierce the protective film of the ointment.

Plastic cup lid

Generally, drinks are bought with a lid, and the lid of the three bulges are used to hold the cup, have you noticed?

Fresh-keeping film box

How many people use plastic wrap to poke the small seal on both sides of the plastic wrap? The newly opened film, as long as it cuts holes along the indicator line, does not need to take out the whole film, which also ensures the unused part of the health.

A small hole in the window of an airplane

I wonder if you have found any small holes on the windows of the airplane. Actually, they are useful. First, in order to balance the air pressure, when the plane rises to the altitude of the flight, this small hole can reduce the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the cabin; two is to prevent the window glass atomization.

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