British polls: about 2/3 of the public think the result is bad.

British polls: about 2/3 of the public think the result is bad.

Original title: Britain's latest polls: about 2/3 of the people think that the result is unfavorable to Europe.

China News Agency, London, July (reporter Zhang Ping) (reporter Zhang Ping) British Sky data (SkyData) 30 release of the latest public opinion poll showed that 2/3 British people believed that the result of the detrimental effect on Britain was unfavourable to the UK, and that the proportion of negative effects that would bring to itself, the economy and the whole country increased significantly.

When asked about good or bad results in Britain after the end of the UK de Europe negotiations, about 2/3 of the respondents believed that the UK would get a negative result, up to 65%, an increase of 15 percentage points compared to the question put forward in March this year, and only 14% think a good result will be achieved. The ratio has fallen by 12 percentage points.

The British public's attitude towards Britain's removal from Europe has changed dramatically. Trust in the government's negotiations on the removal of Europe is losing, and 78% of the people think the British government has done badly in the UK negotiations on the deeuro, which was 23 percentage points higher than in March this year.

Prime Minister Teresa Mui's personal support rate was also seriously hit. 74% of the respondents were dissatisfied with her performance as prime minister, up 14 percentage points, and said the satisfaction was 24%, down by 17 percentage points.

42% of the British people now think that the result will have a negative impact on themselves, up 8 percentage points; 18% think it will not have any impact on them, and only 31% think it is a good thing.

Survey data analysis, more and more British people want to see a new referendum, in the British government to take off the European plan, the European Union has not reached an agreement to take off the European Union and continue to stay in the EU three options to take a referendum.

British Sky data, the largest digital television in the UK, the BritishSky Broadcasting, has been widely recognized by the industry and the public as its professionalism and credibility.

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