People's Daily: if facing the real pain point Beijing South Railway Station is not "difficult".

People's Daily: if facing the real pain point Beijing South Railway Station is not

Original title: facing the real pain spot, the south station is not "difficult".

Talk a little before going to bed, there is a dream in the world. Hello, everyone. Let's talk about Beijing South Railway Station today.

"Late night" regular taxi rental "flooding, only 300 yuan a single!" "Too many commercial settings occupy too much space in the hall." In the last few days, a lot of netizens have spit out some problems in Beijing South Railway Station. Some netizens bluntly said, "how did Beijing South Railway Station become a" difficult station in Beijing "? Some even joked: simply, please take over the Beijing South Railway Station at ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station.

As soon as the net friend comes out, the functional department will take the recruit. In July 29th, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee, the Beijing Railway Bureau, the Fengtai District government, the administrative committee of the Beijing South Railway Station and other rapid action, held the on-site meeting in Beijing South Railway Station, and studied transportation security, traffic order management and service promotion and other measures.

Not only do you take the trick, but it's more to "solve the trick". From the bus group to increase the variety line of the high-speed railway line, to guide the taxi driver to the south station operation; from the increase of the taxi industry supervision, to improve the waiting area and passenger waiting environment... There is only one purpose for many departments to work together to make Beijing South Railway Station no longer "difficult" through careful management.

Beijing South Railway Station, in fact, has a long history, and it was there in 1897. However, the new Beijing South Railway Station was reopened in 2008. This is China's first high-standard modern large-scale comprehensive transport hub, can be said to be in the eyes of the public with the "golden key" was born. Because it is located in the hub, the flow of people is also a lot of attention.

There are both subjective and objective reasons for the "slot point" of Beijing South Railway Station. If the design is inherently flawed, coupled with management lag, the site is divided by many businesses, even the largest waiting space will become constrained. Another example is that regular taxi is asking for a lot of money, which not only has insufficient capacity at night, but also exposes regulatory vacancy. Problem-oriented, facing the city's pain points, focusing on the difficulties one by one, targeted to clear the mess, so that the station is orderly, passengers can have a better travel experience.

"Face" is the style of the city, while "Li Zi" is the conscience of the city. Only by building a "Li Zi" can we maintain "face". For the capital of Beijing, Beijing South Railway Station is not only the face of the city, but also the interior of the city, or the window of the city. 外地乘客风尘仆仆来到这里,看到乌泱乌泱的人群、面对等不来的出租车,还被一张口就要价几百元的车费…… Such an encounter will make passengers feel uncomfortable. It is also because of this, to "catch" the public dissatisfaction in time, to improve the quality and level of service quickly, not only to meet the higher requirements of the mass travel, but also to improve the city image and management level of Beijing.

"Generally speaking, the evaluation of a city's charm is not only an aesthetic judgment, but a moral judgment of the lifestyle of the city's residents," he said. To extend it, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion that measuring the charm of a city is not only to measure the lofty of the building, but also to measure the nuances of the people; it is not only to look at the surface of the modern facilities, but also to observe the details of the facilities and weft.

In short, it is not only to see the "see" hardware, but also to see the "invisible" software, such as the design has not been humanized, in detail is not reflected in human sentiment, the level of service is not to strengthen the people-oriented, in the management level can be matched with the legitimate needs of the public? If the design is not reasonable, the management is not perfect, the service is not considerate, the details are not in place, even if the hardware facilities are good, it will only bring the mismatch between the quality of service and the hardware facilities, and can not satisfy the people.

"The core of a city is human beings. The key is twelve words: clothing, food, shelter, life, old age, illness and death, and living in peace and contentment." At present, there are many challenges in urban management, and the pressure of the administrators is enormous. However, we are also in an era of unprecedented abundance of information technology. As long as we take the people as the base point, take the livelihood of the people as the coordinates, take the public opinion as the mirror, listen to the public and pay attention to the public experience in the planning, management and service. The difficulties and pain points of the public management can also break through and eliminate.

Urban governance has never been isolated, especially in Beijing South Railway Station. There are many departments involved in it. There are many relationships that need to be combed. There are more joints and more objects to serve. This requires a common management, co construction and sharing, and mobilizes the enthusiasm of all parties. Only by brainstorming, concentrating, making hardware harder and software softer can public facilities serve the public better, and our city be more harmonious and livable. This is the following: Qi grabbing and strict control, the south station is not difficult.     

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Beijing South Railway Station was traced black car rampant 25 kilometers road taxi price 300 yuan.

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