Bailiff lawsuits expose bribery, judges give back to the student record recording

Bailiff lawsuits expose bribery, judges give back to the student record recording

Original title: a court official in Sichuan has been exposed to self proclaimed lawsuits and bribes. The Local Discipline Inspection Commission intervened in the investigation.

Source: Legal Evening News

Recently, the news of the Legal Evening News received the news that a police officer and a student in a court in Sichuan had a debt lawsuit. In the course of mediation with his classmates, the police officer had taken bribes to carry out a judge in the lawsuit, property preservation and execution. And he also promised to make a proportion to the executive judge after the completion of the execution. The student of the police officer recorded the conversation and reported it to the court. At present, the Discipline Inspection Committee of the hospital has been involved in the investigation.

The students went to court for debt

To the Legal Evening News, the news is a businessman named Zhu Junjie. According to a civil judgment in the people's Court of Shunqing District, Nanchong, Sichuan, Zhu Junjie had borrowed 500 thousand yuan from his classmates Wang Xin two times in March 2014 and September, and agreed on the interest. Wang Xin is a police officer in the Executive Office of the intermediate people's Court of Nanchong.

In 2015, Zhu Junjie's business encountered difficulties. In order to be able to return the money, Wang Xin asked Zhu Junjie to use his famous BMW car to pay the debt, and the two sides reached the "repayment agreement".

After that, Wang Xin took the debt of the BMW car for the reason that the devaluation of the accident was insufficient to repay the debt. Zhu Junjie sued to the court, and the court of Shunqing district decided Zhu Junjie to repay the balance of the arrears.

After the first trial, the case appealed to the Nanchong Intermediate People's Court where Wang Xin worked, and the final judgment was made in the Nanchong Intermediate Court.

The police have taken bribes to execute the judge

In June 12, 2018, one of Zhu Junjie's and Wang Xin's common classmates, dragon, made an appointment with two people, hoping to conciliation, let Wang Xin give up some claims, and also urge Zhu Junjie to return the money as soon as possible.

According to a recordings from Zhu Junjie, in the process of talking about the amount of the arrears, Wang Xin said, "I spent 60 thousand of the two cases and I had to spend the money on the other side. I was giving 10% to others. How much do you cost me?"

In the next conversation, Wang Xin continued, "it's because I'm a court, and if I don't send money, this case may really have to put me on the side. Now, because I am the court and the executive board, the people in Shunqing court do not move. Only the leaders of the hospital have greeted them. That is the person who went to your house (home), and I asked him to eat a lot of dinner before filing the case, and he also said that he had to show up (good), to 10%, so that people began to move this thing. "

In the next conversation, Wang Xin also said, "this time I gave 20 thousand dollars to carry out the money," and said, "even if I put all the 300 thousand dollars back, I should take 30 thousand of them, and I have only 270 thousand."

Students confirm the authenticity of the recording

In July 29th, the Legal Evening News reporter had repeatedly called Wang Xin's cell phone and never answered.

Subsequently, the reporter dialed a telephone call from Longmou, president of a commercial bank in Nanchong, who presided over and witnessed the mediation talks between Zhu Junjie and Wang Xin.

When asked about the process and content of the conversation, long said that he did have this conversation and was always present, and Wang Xin did say the words, but he did not know that Zhu Junjie had brought the recording equipment and recorded all the contents.

Finally, the Dragon said that the students were not willing to see this place between the students, so he would preside over the mediation, hoping that both sides would make a step, after all, if they were to meet.

Investigation of the court's Disciplinary Commission

Zhu Junjie told reporters that after recording, he reported Wang Xin to the Nanchong middle court and other relevant departments. At the same time, he provided the corresponding recording evidence.

In July 29th, the Legal Evening News reporter He Zhenfu interviewed the Nanchong Municipal Intermediate People's court discipline inspection secretary. The other party said: "the whistle blower has handed over the reporting material and recording to the discipline inspection and supervision, and the disciplinary inspection department has already arranged the investigation after it has been accepted. We will follow the procedure in accordance with the case. If there is a violation of the law and discipline, we will resolutely investigate and deal with it. We have been paying attention to this matter, and thank you for your concern. "

According to the public information, Wang Xin's specific work is the Executive Bureau of the Nanchong intermediate people's court, and has also been awarded the title of "the ten best police officer".

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