The former chairman of Sanlu was sentenced to three years' imprisonment because of his active performance in prison.

The former chairman of Sanlu was sentenced to three years' imprisonment because of his active performance in prison.

Original title: Prison performance positive Sanlu former chairman three was commutation

The Legal Evening News (Pang Lan) news (reporter) recently discovered that at the end of 2016, Tian Wenhua, the former chairman of the chairman of Sanlu, was sentenced to third times of commutation, and the term of commutation was one and a half years, and the media had not had any related reports before.

Recalling: Tian Wenhua, former chairman of Sanlu, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In September 11, 2008, "the Oriental Morning Post" published the news of "14 infants in Gansu with kidney disease, suspected of drinking" Sanlu "milk powder," the first name of Sanlu milk powder, linking it with children with kidney disease, uncovered the prelude to the media exposure of melamine. In the first half of 2008, there were many cases of kidney stones in Gansu, Hubei and Jiangsu, and doctors found that the common point of the sick babies was that they were eating "Sanlu" milk powder after they were not breastfed.

In September 12, 2008, the survey group sent by the State Quality Inspection Bureau confirmed that "infantile formula contaminated with melamine could lead to urinary calculi of infants". On the same day, the Shijiazhuang municipal government announced that the "problem milk powder" produced by the Sanlu Group was caused by the addition of melamine to the standard in the process of raw milk acquisition. Data from the Ministry of health showed that 296 thousand babies were found to have kidney stones in the country, and 6 of the 11 dead babies were not excluded from the food milk powder.

On January 22, 2009, the Shijiazhuang Intermediate People's Court of Hebei Province sentenced Tian Wenhua, former chairman of Sanlu, to life imprisonment.

For the first time: nineteen years in 2011

(2011) the ruling No. 1379th of Jizhi Jian shows that Tian Wenhua, a criminal, is now serving a sentence in Hebei provincial women's prison.

In January 21, 2009, the intermediate people's Court of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, made a criminal decision on (2008) No. 351st of Shi sentence. It was found that the defendant Tian Wenhua committed the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior products, and sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life. In March 15, 2009, the court upheld (2009) the criminal ruling of the eleventh sentence of "Ji two". After the sentence is declared, it is delivered and executed.

The implementation of the Hebei provincial women's prison in June 13, 2011 proposed commutation recommendations. The higher people's Court of Hebei province filed a case in October 18, 2011 and formed a collegial panel in accordance with the law.

The executive authorities put forward that during the period of serving the sentence, the prisoner confessed the crime and served the law, accepted the education reform, observed the discipline and discipline, and actively participated in the study and production of "three courses". Get the reward: three times of merit, and 2010 years as a prison level transformation activist. There is repentance.

After trial and verification, the performance of the offender mentioned by the executing organ is true, which is confirmed by witness testimony, criminal reward and punishment examination and approval form and annual appraisal and appraisal form.

The Hebei provincial high court believes that the criminal Tian Wenhua has the repentance performance during his sentence, and can reduce his sentence. According to the Seventy-eighth, eightieth, fifty-seventh, second, fifty-eighth and the Supreme People's courts of the criminal law of the People's Republic of China, some questions about the specific application of the law on the cases of commutation and parole are applied. The provisions of the sixth article are ruled as follows: the sentence of the criminal Tian Wenhua was reduced to nineteen years of imprisonment, and the deprivation of political rights was changed to six years (the term of imprisonment to November 3, 2030).

Second: a year of nine months for a year of commutation in 2014

According to Stone Punishment Order 01119 (2014), the prisoner Tian Wenhua was commuted to one year and nine months'imprisonment, and his deprivation of political rights remained unchanged for six years.

At that time, the women's prison of Hebei province made a special statement for media coverage.

The prison side said that since April 2, 2009, Tian Wenhua, a criminal, has served a sentence in Hebei women's prison. During the period of serving the sentence, the criminal was able to confess the law, abide by the discipline and discipline, and actively participate in the study and education and labor reform. The criminal was awarded 3 times for the assessment and award, and was rated as an active member of the prison level reform of the year 2010, and there was a repentance performance. In November 2011, the Hebei Provincial Higher People's Court decided to commute his sentence from life imprisonment to fixed-term imprisonment of 19 years and deprivation of political rights to six years. After the reduction of the sentence, Tian Wenhua was rewarded with many rewards and no violation of rules and regulations. In May 2014, the Shijiazhuang intermediate people's court ruled that it was sentenced to 1 years and 9 months of imprisonment.

Third: a year and a half of the commutation of a sentence in 2016

At the end of 2016, the Chinese referee's document network issued (2016) the 01 sentence of Jizhong 3895. The ruling showed that the criminal Tian Wenhua and the woman were born in Zhengding County, Hebei Province in October 1, 1942, the Han and university culture, and now serve the prison sentence in the women's prison of Hebei province.

The Hebei provincial women's prison of the executive authority put forward a proposal for commutation in July 18, 2016 and submitted it to the court for trial. The court held a case in November 1, 2016 and formed a collegial panel in accordance with the law. The Court opened the court in November 14, 2016. The people's Procuratorate in the central and South Hebei region of Shijiazhuang appointed procurators Zhang Jie and Chen Shanshan to perform their duties. The executive organs assigned the police Xu Jian, Wang Pingting to perform their duties, and the criminal Tian Wenhua came to court for trial. The end of the trial has now been heard.

The executive organ, Hebei women's prison, has proposed that since he served his sentence, Tian Wenhua has been able to confess repentance, abide by laws and regulations and regulations, accept educational reform, take an active part in the study of ideological, cultural and technical courses, complete the work well, repent outstanding performance, and be rewarded 2 times by assessment and assessment. 5 awards were commended, and 2014 and 2015 were named prison reform activists.

After hearing, it was confirmed that Tian Wenhua's performance during the period of serving the sentence was confirmed by the testimony of the year end assessment and appraisal form provided by the Hebei women's prison, the approval form of the award and punishment, the report of the criminal to serve the sentence, the testimony of the witness and the testimony of Liu Yanqiao, Zhao Cong and Yi Xiaoping, Hua Xiaofen and Hua Xiaofen in court.

The people's Procuratorate in the central and southern region of Shijiazhuang has no objection to Tian Wenhua's commutation of sentence.

In the end, the court ruled that Tian Wenhua had been sentenced to six months' imprisonment and six years deprived of political rights. The term of imprisonment is from November 4, 2011 to August 3, 2027.

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