50 Romans fighting in the streets of Germany annoy the local people.

50 Romans fighting in the streets of Germany annoy the local people.

Original title: 50 Romans on the street in Germany angered the local people

Overseas network, July 30, Germany, North Rhine - Westphalia Gelsenkirchen City, Gelsenkirchen City, 29 afternoon a large-scale fighting, from two members of the Rome family of 50 members involved. The fighting resulted in 5 people injured and hospitalized. The police are now looking for 25 Romans involved in the fighting. After the incident, the German people said they were worried about the future of the country.

According to Russian satellite network reports, 29 pm, the local two Roman family members in the city of Gelsenkirchen on the streets of the castle started fighting. They argued with each other at first, then clashed in the middle of the road, using tennis rackets, sticks, bottles and chairs.

The police evacuated the scene after the police arrived at the scene. The police said 5 people were taken to hospital. They arrested 3 people and 25 others were at large. It is not clear for the cause of the conflict.

In the aftermath, the German people have left a message on twitter, some even think the country's prospects are dark, and others urge the government to stop giving social pension to the haunting people.

Twitter user Bridget said: "Things like this happen on almost every street and a lot of people can't sleep. What is going on in this country is really scary. " Bernd said, "don't give them social benefits." Soren Kene believes that Germany will become Syria within 10 years. (compiling / overseas network Li Fang)

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