MH370 investigation team: the report is full of tears, joyful considering all conspiracy theories.

MH370 investigation team: the report is full of tears, joyful considering all conspiracy theories.

Original title: MH370 investigation team: the report is full of tears and happiness, considering all conspiracy theories.

Overseas network July 30 local time July 30th, in the distance from the Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost 1603 days, the Malaysia government issued the latest report of the incident, the full text of the report on the Internet. "Why did it take such a long time to release this report," Guo Shichuan (Kok Soo Chon), head of the Malaysia international investigation team, said, "no matter how well we are prepared, we will not release the report as long as the search is still going on," Guo said. According to Shi biography, the report incorporates "sweat, tears and happiness".

According to the Guardian, Guo Shichuan said that one year after the plane disappeared, his team published a 600-page report. After that, they began the process of inspection and verification. "After that, we began to investigate, analyze and verify". There are many reasons for the delay, he said, and as new information emerges, they have to revise the report, "This is a dynamic report."

"The report will not satisfy everyone," Guo Shi said, but he was pleased that seven countries had jointly completed the report. MH370 flight deviated from the route. This is not only a result of the abnormal system, but also under manual control.

In addition, the investigators say they put all the conspiracy theory, rumor and social media gossip on the "table" and took all the related issues into consideration and eventually reduced to about 7 seemingly credible theories in the report. It is reported that this is not a "final" report, search work may continue.

On March 8, 2014, a MH370 airliner carrying 239 people was missing on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. There are 227 passengers and 12 crew members. After the disappearance of the airliner, a large number of search and rescue operations were organized by multinational organizations, but so far, no aircraft has been found. (overseas network Zhu Xiao)

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