Trump denied that the campaign flag was made for China, was there a lie?

Trump denied that the campaign flag was made for China, was there a lie?

Original title: Trump denied that the campaign flag was made for China, was there a lie?

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Trump sees "made in China" as a beast, but it is impossible to avoid the emergence of a Chinese made spoon at the "American made" exhibition held at the White House, and even the US military dependence on China.

The Reuters reported last week in Fuyang, Anhui, China, that a factory here is producing a red, white, blue, three colored banners and flags for Trump's re-election campaign, with his slogan for re-election: "keep the United States great!"

So far, in July, 4 Chinese factories have worked for Trump.

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However, despite the fact that there is a picture, Trump's campaign team strongly denied this.

On July 29, CNN reported that Trump's re-election campaign denied using the campaign flag made by Chinese manufacturers.

"We have always made it clear that all the products we use are 100% in the United States," Michael Glassner, the chief operating officer of the Trump 2020 campaign team, said in a statement to CNN. Any supplier who claims to have relations with us is a violation of our trademark right if it is not a lie. "

He added that the statement applied to all the recent "false news" about the use of Chinese-made products in the 2020 re-election campaign.

Reuters 25 Daily said a banner company in Anhui Province, China, has produced 90 thousand red, white and blue "Trump 2020" since March this year, making the United States a great (Trump 2020 Keep America Great) banner.

A woman manager surnamed Yao told reporters that she believed the Sino-US trade war had stimulated production and buyers wanted to buy at a low price before the tariffs came into effect.

"It's closely related," she said. "Tariffs have not yet come into effect and prices are lower, which is more cost-effective for them."

"Everyone can have a patriotic spirit," Yao said. "But this does not improve the economic situation."

She also said there were both domestic and overseas buyers, but she did not know whether the overseas buyers were Trump's campaign or the Republican Party. The company also produces flags and special flags in the United States and other countries.

CNN has also reported that another factory in another province of China is also producing a banner for Trump's campaign. The White House did not respond immediately to CNN.

In addition, the US National Public Radio (NPR) reported in July 3rd that a factory owner of Li's surname in Zhejiang, China, was producing the "Trump 2020 campaign".

The Global Times reported in July 19th that two other factories in Zhejiang produced the words "Trump 2020 (Trump 2020)" and "Keep America Great".

In this way, at least 4 factories are reported to be stepping up their efforts for the Trump 2020 campaign.

Trump's old rival, Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders), criticised Trump in social media for buying overseas goods rather than working for local workers.

Bernie Sanders's face book screenshot

According to the "Global Times" reporter on the 29 day from the official website of Trump, the hat, slogans, flags and so on are still the commodities around the 2016 general election, and there is no sale of the goods in 2020. But on the U.S. e-commerce platform, there are already businesses selling flags, hats, T-shirts with the words "Trump 2020" and "Keep America Great".

"Unofficial" peripheral commodities are not only early but also cheaper. The "unofficial" hat on the electric business platform is only 10 to $20 compared to the price of 30 or 50 dollars on the official website in the 2016 Trump campaign, "make America again great again".

The "made in China" logo on a scroll ( map)

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