Malaysia Airlines Announces 822 pages of survey report: Chinese netizens: look at this sentence.

Malaysia Airlines Announces 822 pages of survey report: Chinese netizens: look at this sentence.

Original title: Malaysia Airlines announced 822 pages of survey report, Chinese netizens: look at this sentence on the line

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 lost union up to now, has been 1603 days, although a long time search and rescue through multinational cooperation, but never found the aircraft or the main wreckage, nor found any personnel on the machine. The reasons for the accident have never been conclusive, and there are endless rumors and conspiracy theories about "suicide" and "hijacking".

On the morning of July 30th, the government of Malaysia held a closed door meeting to report the report to the families of the MH370 lost people. The report was 822 pages. The media claimed that the report was "final report", and it was expected to have significant discoveries or conclusions.

However, Guo Shichuan (Kok Soo Chon), the head of the international investigation team for the Malaysian Airlines disappearance, made it clear at the conference that "it is just a report," he said, that there could be no "final report" before finding the main wrecks of the victims and the aircraft.

In the concluding section of the Safety Survey Report, the last sentence reads: "To sum up, the investigation team is unable to identify the real cause of the failure of MH370."

The report fails to identify the cause of the MH370 accident, but lists previous statements and fails to rule out third-party factors.

Guo Shichuan seems to be rather helpless, he said, after the press conference and after the conference in China, will not be able to continue the work, "the contract may be terminated in advance."

Guo Shichuan (Kok Soo Chon), the head of the international investigation team of the Malaysia civil aviation bureau, said this was not "the final report," but a "survey report", including 7 other countries in the UK and Australia, and Malaysia. The report was published together.

Guo Shichuan said it was a "very long process" to come to the conclusion with seven other countries.

Mr. Guo first briefly reviewed the process of MH370 disappearance. It mentioned that the last message sent by the flight was "good night, Goodnight Malaysian three seven zero".

Guo Shichuan said that the report did not exclude the possibility of interference from the third parties, but there was no evidence that MH370 was controlled remotely.

According to the Kwok, the team investigated the remote control system of Boeing's 2006 patent application, which, once activated, would take over the aircraft from the pilot and land to a predetermined location.

Boeing has confirmed to the investigation team that they "do not have any commercial aircraft using this technology information."

It was previously suspected that the captain had used a flight simulator to simulate a flight from Malaysia to the India ocean, and some speculated that MH370 had crashed in the India ocean.

But this report said it did not prove that the MH370 accident was deliberate, and that the police investigation simulator had not found enough data to explain the abnormal situation. Previous Australian Traffic Safety Agency survey in 2016, the same warning, do not infer too much from the flight simulator data.

Mr. Guo said the report came to the conclusion that the cause of the departure of the MH370 flight was not determined, and the investigators could confirm that the plane had turned back to fly, and that the turn was not due to mechanical failures, nor in autopilot mode, but by manual driving.

The report also pointed out that Vietnam failed to notify China in a timely manner at the first time the aircraft lost contact. Air controllers did not start the emergency in time, and delayed the search and rescue work. Before the accident, the aircraft was well maintained without any possible failure.

The captain and the deputy head were in good financial condition, no extra insurance, good rest, no evidence that they were in a state of anxiety or stress. There was little contact with the ground before the aircraft disappeared, which may indicate that the communication system was manually closed.

The cargo carried on board is 2500 kilograms of mango, and a large number of lithium batteries are not unusual.

A reporter asked, before the report was called the "final report", is it true?

Mr. Guo denied the statement. He said the report was not a "final report". How could there be a "final report" in the absence of a victim or a large number of wrecks found?

A reporter asked whether the investigation team would continue to work after the release of the report.

After the release of the report, the team will also go to China to hold a conference and receive media interviews, but then the team has "will have nothing to do" after the report was released.

According to Guo Shi's legend, "We still call ourselves the investigation team, and we don't want to have nothing to do," but they will terminate the contract early.

48 hours before the conference, the family members of the crew were notified. Some people could not attend the conference. Guo said it was regrettable but helpless. "We were just told to hold a conference here at 2:30 today and not be responsible for other things," he said. "We are not even responsible for the layout of the hall."

After the press conference, Captain MH370's sister interviewed reporters, looking relaxed, she said the report did not harm his brother.

Another organic family member interviewed, said that the report did not have much new content.

The conference will be held again in Beijing in August 3rd

Peng Chao News reported on July 30 that the Malaysian Embassy in China confirmed that the announcement in Beijing would be held on the morning of August 3. The Air Accident Investigation Bureau of Malaysia's Ministry of Transportation also confirmed the news, by which time the families of the missing passengers on Flight MH370 will be able to ask questions at the scene.

The 30 day conference in Malaysia was mainly aimed at the families of the passengers who lost contact with Malaysia. Mr. Wen, the family member of the missing Chinese passenger, said in an interview that the Chinese family members were not on the scene in Malaysia and that the scene was the family member of Malaysia.

People's daily client 30 reported that the Malaysia transport minister Lu Zhaofu previously said: "every word under the record of investigators will be included in the report. We will ensure the transparency of the report, which will be submitted completely without any editing, without adding or deleting. "

It is understood that the report will also be posted on the Internet, and will be distributed to the families of missing passengers and authenticated media. Meanwhile, the report will be submitted to the two chambers of Malaysia for consideration in July 31st.

Air Malaysia Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8, 2014, carrying 239 people, most of whom are Chinese citizens. The flight was scheduled to arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport at 6:30 in the morning of Beijing, but less than an hour after takeoff was at the junction of Malaysia and Vietnam. It lost contact with the Ma state air traffic control center (air traffic control center) in about 140 nautical miles south and about 90 nautical miles northeast of Kota Bharu.

A Boeing 777 vanishing on the sea of Dammam

In the early morning of March 8, 2014, the MH370, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, lost contact with the tower about 40 minutes after takeoff. MH370 is a Boeing 777-200. Zahari, 53, is a Malaysia resident with a total flight time of 18365 hours and is experienced.

The final location of MH370 on the radar screen is the northwest of Sumatra, over the Andaman Sea, which is the final location of the MH370 that can be confirmed so far. The last sentence left on the ground for the MH370 unit is "good night" from the driver of the copilot, Rick Abdel Hamid.

Half a year after the disappearance of the airliner, the Australian traffic safety agency issued a mid-term report confirming that MH370 "may fall into the sea at low speed above the India ocean because of the depletion of fuel."

On January 29, the Malaysian Civil Aviation Administration announced that flight MH370 was wrecked and that "239 passengers and crew members on board were presumed dead".

Many netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with this late report.

As for the last sentence of the report, 167

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