Mass iMessage spam information: as low as 7 points / strips can filter users.

Mass iMessage spam information: as low as 7 points / strips can filter users.

Why does iMessage garbage information be banned repeatedly? Mass iMessage new garbage more than 100 thousand, each cost the lowest 7 cents. Does the apple need to be responsible for it?

Original title: who sends iMessage spam messages?

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"Now I am not going to send messages to my boyfriend every day, but iMessage spam." Said Xiao di (the pseudonym).

In July 30th, the Ministry of industry and information (Ministry of industry and information) and other 13 national departments jointly issued the "comprehensive harassment telephone special action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "the program"), and decided to organize a year and a half of a year and a half of the comprehensive harassment telephone special action in the whole country from July 2018 to the end of December 2019.

Not only is harassing phone calls, but spam messages are also the focus of the Ministry of industry's regulation. According to the People's Daily, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will regulate and rectify junk short messages through a full chain of supervision, in the source, on the sending port for a major inspection. In July 11th, the Ministry of industry and information issued a message that it has shut down 31 SMS ports to send spam messages, dealing with the phone number and 82 associated numbers suspected of marketing the people, talking about the business involved, and ordered its comprehensive self-examination and rectification. After the situation is identified, the illegal enterprises will be handled according to law, and the personnel concerned will be accountable.

Recently, the unicorn discovered that spam messages had been replaced by a "skin" into Apple's user's cell phone. IMessage is the instant messaging software launched by the Apple Corp, which is different from the SMS / MMS service. Users only need to support the data through the WiFi or cellular data network, and can complete the communication. Today, iMessage has also become a gathering place for garbage information.

Send content

Gambling loan invoices spam information "everything".

The Ministry of industry and information published the relevant data show that the first quarter of this year, the 12321 network of bad and garbage information report acceptance center accepts 50940 spam messages, up 130.9%. Among them, point to point spam message report 13523, accounting for 26.5% of the total report, 0.1 percentage points lower than the previous quarter; port report 25106, accounting for 49.3% of the total number of reports, 1.5 percentage points lower than the previous quarter; suspected false base stations sent SMS related reports 12311, accounting for 24.2% of the total number of reports, up 1.6 from the last quarter. A percentage point.

From the content point of view, the proportion of marketing category is 74.8%, mainly involving the marketing of financial insurance, commodity retail marketing, and so on. The proportion of suspected illegal categories is 25.2%, mainly involving fraud and illegal business activities.

In recent years, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology cracked down on spam messages, some industry insiders said operators set up some key words, blocked some spam messages.

Yesterday, the unicorn consulted a network marketing platform offering short interest service, which could provide services such as SMS, SMS, and voice authentication, but short messages involving gambling, invoicing and other sensitive words could not be sent. And the company's short message marketing business does not provide phone numbers to customers, needs the company's customers to provide phone numbers on their own, and the company is only responsible for group messages.

However, iMessage's spam and even illegal content continue to erode Apple's users' mobile phones. Many users responded to reporters, and they received iMessage spam messages including casinos, gambling ads, Invoicing advertising, pornography recommendations, loans, brushes, trafficking of high imitation a goods, drugs and so on. These spam messages in the form of pictures or text constantly sent to the user's mobile phone, "deleted again, can not be deleted at all," with the user name "very headache."

Wang Qin (pseudonym) showed reporters the two spam messages he received today, one of which is a picture text message. The picture is "Liying international, the month makes millions, click the download App to receive the bonus..." It is also equipped with images of beautiful women who wear clothes, and the other is text messages. "Pyramid agency mode" makes millions of dollars per month. The 85 phase: Liuhe single and double, 8 yards have been made public ", followed by consulting WeChat numbers, and two are gambling advertisements.

Gao Lan (a pseudonym) told reporters that in recent two days, he received a lot of online brushing advertisements.


Garbage information is as low as 7 points / strips

Who is sending these spam messages? How much do they charge?

To find the answer behind, the new Beijing News reporter using the keyword "iMessage group" search engine after the search, found a number of related services to provide a platform. They set different price ranges according to the number of push letters, and the charging standards vary.

Unicorn found two platforms for consulting, one of which showed that the price of ten thousand of the group was 0.18 yuan / article, twenty thousand 0.16 yuan / bar, fifty thousand 0.14 yuan / bar, fifty thousand more than fifty thousand prices. The platform also provides data screening services at a price of $300 per ten thousand, for example, only to female users.

The price offered by another platform is relatively low, 0.08 yuan a, more than one hundred thousand yuan 0.07 yuan.

The two platforms indicate that they can send any content, including gambling, invoicing and other sensitive content.

And the business operator to the unicorn quoted price, send iMessage message 8 cents a, if the volume of business, more than one hundred thousand, each collection of 7 cents. The other side said, "Macao gambling and other SMS advertising, although illegal information in the country, but if more than 100,000, you can send."

He also suggested buying related software at a price of 8600 yuan, and teaching operation technology and commitment to package teaching. The Beijing News reporter found that there are indeed software installed on the mobile phone market at the price of 1200 yuan.

When the unicorn asks how does it have its own account information? The other side said, "they can be bought, and data can be bought, a 4 cent." However, they do not sell data, sell software only, and buy software before they can provide data access channels.

Then who is selling Apple accounts? Reporters found some QQ selling Apple accounts through QQ group, but failed to connect successfully.


One day was bombed up to 4 times, and users suspected information leakage.

"I made an invoice in a restaurant the other day, and then I received the IMessage advertisement for the invoice. I doubt if the restaurant has sold out my personal information. Similarly, Li Qin (alias), often bombed by IMessage advertising, told the unicorn.

In July 30th, Apple user Chen Lin (pseudonym) received 4 iMessage spam messages from the same account, including "Macao Venice casino", "Macao Galaxy casino", "Sun City Group", "Phoenix lottery", and the corresponding link "click to download App collar".

According to the incomplete statistics of the unicorn, the frequency of the iMessage messages received by Apple users is different. Someone receives it half a month, but once a few garbage messages are "bombed". Some people receive a few pieces a week, and the users reflect that sometimes a day can receive three or four. One or two pieces are received in the day.

What does the user do after receiving the spam message?

Beijing citizen Wang Yucen (pseudonym) told reporters that whenever she received the news, they all chose to report directly. When they were deleted, the mobile phone would prompt whether to report spam messages. However, she said that although it was chosen every time, it didn't work much, so it would also receive other spam messages.

Yu Qing (pseudonym) said that he did not have the first time to complain, sometimes the root of the press did not complain, "I feel no matter, that is, this kind of advertising is much more, see it over."

Ms. Yin, who is now living in Shenzhen, Guangdong, told reporters that sometimes she could receive three or four spam messages a day, although she had reported it, but the spam message was still in search of the door. Mr. Wang also said that although he could not receive spam messages every day, he could receive two or three messages a day. Mr. Wang wondered whether he had received such junk messages continuously because his personal information had been sold.

There are also users said there is still a way to deal with, "before opened icloud also received shared pornographic pictures, now closed, no one sent me again."

"Where is it?" Some users told the unicorn that they did not know that iMessage spam could also be reported.


Reporting spam does not prevent the sender from sending other information.

The unicorn noticed that at the bottom of each iMessage message, the grey font wrote "the sender is not in your contact list" in the blue font below the line "report garbage information", and click to "delete and report junk information" after clicking.

This coincides with an official Apple document that says that when users receive spam, they click "Delete and Report Spam". "Information" will forward the sender's information and this information to Apple, and delete this information from the user's device. The user can not revoke the deleted information.

However, the document points out that reporting spam messages does not prevent the sender from sending other information. If the user does not wish to receive this information, he needs to prevent this contact. If users want to report SMS and MMS, they need to contact operators.

But many Apple users, including narwhals, reported spam and still received it. Why does the garbage information continue? How does Apple review the advertising information?

When the unicorn was released, apple officials did not reply. However, Apple customer service said that in the "settings" can open "filter unknown senders" can be opened after filtering some spam information. The customer service said it often received, but also a large number of users have reflected the problem, Apple attaches great importance to, is also investigating. The other side said it wasn't sure if the user's Apple ID was leaked elsewhere, so long as someone knew the account name, they could send messages.

The lawyer said

The platform should be responsible, and the user should be "self saving"

How should the platform be responsible for the harassment problem caused by IMessage spam?

Zhao Zhanling, a lawyer of Beijing Zhi Lin law firm, said that there is a certain difficulty in the management of spam messages, and there is a certain interest relationship between the local operators and the sending port applications, and the attitude of governance is not very positive. Secondly, spam messages are not very distinguishable. "Now information can be judged and filtered, but whether the user agrees or not is not a good judgment. By keyword recognition, sometimes not allowed, Chinese is very rich, flexible, the recognition rate is not high.

Zhao Zhanling believes that the governance of iMessage garbage information can be referred to WeChat, WeChat group spam messages also have technical governance means, which will filter the content of obvious illegal and political reactionary. There is room for improvement in this area.

Yang Zhaoquan, director of the Beijing wnuo law firm, told the unicorn that users received a lot of information that they were not willing to accept, obviously belonging to the scope of the garbage information. Since Apple is not technically able to completely stop the sending of such spam messages, users should be held accountable for harassing spam messages.

In addition, in addition to platform responsibility, Yang Zhaoquan believes that users should learn to "save themselves".

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