Tesla is considering building large factories in Europe and Germany and Holland.

Tesla is considering building large factories in Europe and Germany and Holland.

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the late July 30th news, the Wall Street Journal today reported that Tesla plans to build large factories in Europe, and is now negotiating with the relevant departments of the German and Holland governments.

Earlier this month, Tesla just announced the construction of its first overseas factory in China. According to officials involved in the negotiations, Tesla held preliminary negotiations with two states in Germany. The officials also said the negotiations were still in their early stages and could not guarantee an agreement in the future.

According to an official of the Holland government, Tesla also discussed options for the construction of the plant in Holland. The European headquarters of Tesla is located in Holland.

To attract Tesla's investment, German and Holland government officials have been lobbying Tesla. Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested last month that Tesla might announce the location of its European plants by the end of this year.

Later, Mask sent a message on twitter that Germany was "the first choice". He said it was reasonable to build factories along the German-French border near Belgium and Luxembourg because it would bring it closer to Tesla's most important European market.

Earlier this month, Tesla announced that it would build a new car manufacturing plant in Shanghai, which would be the first car manufacturing plant outside the United States.

According to the agreement, Tesla will be wholly owned by the Shanghai port area to build the Tesla super factory (Gigafactory 3), which integrates R & D, manufacturing and sales. The project plans to produce 500 thousand pure electric vehicles annually, the largest foreign manufacturing industry in Shanghai. (Li Ming)

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