Japan's IR casino opened in 2020. What does Andouble want to do?

Japan's IR casino opened in 2020. What does Andouble want to do?

Original title: Legalization of Japanese casinos, what does Andouble economics want to do?

The bet on the casino economy, to some extent, suggests that there are fewer options on the Abe plate.

Wen and Jing Jun

The Japanese Senate recently passed the IR construction bill, a landmark achievement of Andouble's leadership after a casino resort in Singapore in 2014. The endorsement and promotion of the Senate has made Japan's goal of attracting 20 million overseas visitors a step closer every year.

The legalization of gambling places in Japan is the legalization of restrictions on the basis of maintaining "gambling guilt", rather than universal legalization. Before the Senate vote, a protest against the legalization of casinos has also been sent to the opposition of the opposition members of the party, because any casino legalization is not established under the constitution of criminal law gambling.

Andouble broke through the legal bondage, in the way of building the special economic zone, bypassing the law, setting three resort areas, through the casino legalization act, and finally reaching the conclusion that gambling in IR casinos is exempt from the law. Andouble hopes that it will become another economic growth point after the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

However, the casino economy does not only promote economic growth, nor does its negative role. In addition to the problem of National Gambling addiction, the lifting of gambling ban will also bring about negative social effects, including money laundering and other criminal organizations reached into the casino.

Japan's gambling industry has a deep foundation, which is rooted in the Japanese gambling. Speaking of Japan's gambling industry, generally refers to the public welfare gambling industry, is a variety of guessing under the name of various government departments, such as horse racing, rowing, as well as China's sports lottery and welfare lottery. Because these bets are small, they are not considered to be a gambling offence that can be committed in criminal law.

But the small, low return of the public welfare model does not make the rich class actively participate, and often become a low income group to reduce the income of the loopholes, so it is criticized. For example, the small steel ball gambling in Japan, known as the tiger machine, has attracted people from all walks of life, whose grey industry accounts for 5% of GDP and the largest number of Japanese tiger machines in the world.

Attracting wealthy and overseas tourists to entertainment in gambling city is an important purpose for Japan to build holiday zones. After the formal implementation of the bill, Japan's gambling market will be matched by Russell Garth or Macao, China. As more and more overseas tourists flock to Japan and take advantage of the opportunity of the host country of the 2020 Olympics, Japan's Eastern Las Vegas dream is no longer a myth.

It is said that Japan's IR casino may open as early as 2020, the world's leading gambling giants have been eager to enter the IR.

Japan's breakthroughs in gambling industry reflect the needs of Japan's industrial diversification and the profound development of tourism industry. With the intensification of the "dual goal" pursuit of global free trade and fair trade, the competition and cooperation between various economies is updated, and the economic downturn in Japan is obviously trying to seize the new economic growth model. However, how far can Japan go on this grey Road, there are still variables.

Many years ago, when Shintaro Ishihara, who wrote the "Japanese can say no" right-wing, unexpectedly appealed for the legalization of gambling, few people believed that the formal Japanese would turn. The world is changing, and Andouble's economics is changing too. But to put the money in the casino economy, to some extent, also shows that there are not many options in the Andouble economics dish.

And Jing Jun (international scholar)

Editor in responsibility: Huo Yuang

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