Hangzhou vehicle out of control caused 3 dead and 14 injured witnesses: fragments flying like explosions

Hangzhou vehicle out of control caused 3 dead and 14 injured witnesses: fragments flying like explosions

Original title: Hangzhou vehicle runaway accident 3 dead 14 injured witnesses: debris flying like explosions

Hangzhou, Hangzhou, July (Guo Qiyu Zhang Shiyu Wu Xinquan Zhang Bin Hu Zhefei Luo Yuanan) according to the latest news from the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, 19 hours 06 minutes in July 30th, Hangzhou city Xihu District Jingzhou Road, two West intersection of a major road traffic accident, as of now 3 people died, 14 people were injured, the wounded still in full force Treatment.

The public security organs have made an alcohol test and urine sample test for the driver of the accident driver, initially eliminating the suspicion of its alcohol driving and toxic driving, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

At 21:30 on the 30 th, the reporter arrived at the scene of the accident. The scene of the accident was blocked and there were numerous crowd watching. At the scene, sanitation workers are cleaning up the trees and signs that have been hit, and the crane will lift the severely distorted vehicles. The sanitation vehicle, the forklift and the crane are all working.

"I heard a bang and saw that the air was covered with flying debris and the guardrail was smashed like an explosion." Zhou Yangping, a fruit shop assistant near the scene of the accident, recalled that after the accident, the traffic police arrived at the scene and gathered around a pile of people. "I walked in a moment to see it. A lot of people fell on the ground, and I didn't look at it carefully. Who dares to go to see it? Someone was crying. I turned to the ground and sat down with no strength in my legs.

Zhou Yangping told reporters that after the incident, some enthusiastic people went to help rescue. She saw a young man go to help lift the injured man, and his back clothes were wet.

Ms. Jin came out from the nearby subway entrance and heard loud noise. "When I came, I heard" bang bang ", thinking that something should happen. Ms. Jin said, walking forward, we saw someone lying on the ground and someone sitting. Further on, there were people lying in the corner. "A car was parked in the middle of the road, and the rear tires were two or three hundred meters away."

Reporters in Zhejiang province Tong De hospital saw the injured Tian Jiang Wen. Tian Jiang is 24 years old, the old family in Yunnan, to work in Hangzhou for six or seven years, now engaged in security work, after the first reaction to the security team leader called. In the hospital, Tian Jiangwen's wife, brother, and security team leader escort him.

Tian Jiangwen recalled that when the accident happened, he was riding a bicycle at the intersection and waiting for traffic lights, "Mercedes-Benz vehicles rushed over, driving fast. And then I was hit. "

Tian Jiang said, after the accident, his consciousness is sober, "just feel stomach pain, neck, leg muscles and ligaments are damaged, but all should wait for the hospital diagnosis results." Reporters at the scene learned that several minor injuries in the accident were not serious. (finish)


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