Transnational drug traffickers have been arrested: driving luxury cars, wearing brand-name homes, penniless

Transnational drug traffickers have been arrested: driving luxury cars, wearing brand-name homes, penniless

Original title: transnational drug traffickers have been arrested: luxury cars, wearing brand-name homes but penniless

Wang Jia, a man in Yanyuan County, Sichuan, was once a poor man. In order to make money, he did the drug trafficking, and the gang members did a growing "business" of a transnational drug trafficking line. When he was caught by the police and took him home to search, the police were surprised to find that he had forgotten the number of his family's door, and the family was still poor, and had a strong contrast with his life in the outside world.

Recently, the Liangshan state procuratorate prosecuted the "8. 10" drug trafficking case in Yanyuan County. This is a case of supervision by the Ministry of public security. With the launching of the prosecution, the gang headed by Wang Jia was born.

The mystery of the suspect's whereabouts

Driving luxury cars in and out of high grade places

Things returned to the summer of two years ago in Panxi, Sichuan.

Yanyuan County Public Security Bureau police in the town of Meiyu town card point for drug arrest, a black Audi A license plate caused the attention of the police: the man sitting on the side of the driver's face is green, strange, and the driver Wang Jia is unlicensed driving.

With professional sensitivity, the police examined two people on the vehicle. Sure enough, the deputy driver's urine test was positive (after 15 days in administrative detention), but the cunning two slipped over the main issue.

Early last year, the Yanyuan County Public Security Bureau cracked two cases of drug trafficking. In the late combing of the case, the police received a report from the masses that Wang a long shuttle abroad (Burma), and then transported by Yanyuan, Xichang to Chengdu, and drug trafficking.

After getting this important clue, the police combined with the case analysis of Wang Jia and other two people earlier found that the two people were suspected of drug trafficking. The Yanyuan police immediately decided to carry out the secret investigation and control.

Wang Jia has no normal occupation, but recently he has suddenly become rich, often driving luxury cars into and out of high-end places, dressed up is more luxurious. Not only that, he also secretly invested in many restaurants and entertainment places.

Wang Jia's whereabouts is very mysterious. There is no fixed residence. Check Inn Hotel is carrying several other identity cards. When you need to contact others, Wang Jia often changes his cell phone number for single line contact.

4000 kilometres

Destroy the gang of drug traffickers at one stroke

In August 6th last year, local police decided to investigate the clues as a major drug case and formally set up a task force. Special police officers went to Yunnan to conduct investigations in Ruili, Manchu, Baoshan, Dali and Lijiang. The members of this group have strong anti detection ability. In the course of police tracking, they frequently change vehicles and routes, disperse their travel and communicate with the interphone, which brings great challenges to the investigation work.

Civilian police tracked the border between China and Myanmar in secret, investigated and gathered evidence, gathered intelligence from various sources, and chased Chengdu for more than 4200 kilometers. Early last August, the police fully grasped the gang's hiding place and joint trading plan. When the time was ripe, police decided to arrest gang members in Chengdu, Xichang and Vietnam.

In August 11th, Wang Jia appeared on the streets of Xichang. The Yanyuan police rushed to Xichang to arrest him. Meanwhile, the police arrested Chao Zhong, a middleman, in Yuexi County.

At 12 noon on the same day, the Chengdu small team of the special case group captured the No. 1 "Horse Boy" Li Bing in a residential area in Chengdu, and seized 2 drugs heroin on the spot, and found 10 pieces of heroin and 172 of drug heroin in its two rented rooms. 13 when 13, he captured the No. two horse, and searched out more than 40 million yuan and 1 books of the book.

Self extravagant

Two children are very hard on their lives

After a series of trials, Wang was defeated and confessed the facts of the crime.

At first, Wang Jia went to Burma to pick up his goods himself, and he got off in advance when he got stuck. After that, he had horses, and gang members from Myanmar many times to buy drugs into Yunnan, through Yanyuan to Chengdu, and then distribution.

"Business" is growing bigger and bigger, and Wang Jia's life has undergone tremendous changes, which is very expensive. He told police that he also wanted to stop, but the temptation of money was too big to stop.

When the police took Wang Jia home to search, he couldn't find his own door, only remembered which one, not sure of the specific number of the door. It turned out that Wang Jia had given two children to his cousin for help since drug trafficking, but he hardly went home to see the children for fear of being exposed.

Compared with Wang Jia's extravagant life, the two children have very difficult living conditions. "There are few decent furniture at home. The leftovers on the same day are still on the table, and there is no smell of oil." The police said the case.

A total of 14 suspects were captured by the police. 189 pieces of heroin (gross weight 71 kg, net weight 65224.75 grams) and more than 70 million yuan were seized, and more than 20 million yuan were frozen in the bank account, and two Land Rover cars were seized. At this point, the Ministry of public security supervised the successful completion of the case. (the characters in the text are all pseudonyms)

Source: Huaxi Metropolis Daily

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