Beijing Daily: Star price affects social harmony and stability and confuses people's minds.

Beijing Daily: Star price affects social harmony and stability and confuses people's minds.

Original title: the star's sky price is a hundred harm and no profit

Kang Kai

Recently, the Ministry of propaganda, the Ministry of culture and tourism, the Ministry of Taxation, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration of radio and television, and the State Film Bureau issued a notice to "strengthen the management of the issue of pay for the film and television industry, the" Yin and yang contract ", the tax evasion, tax evasion, and so on, to control the unreasonable pay, to promote the tax payment by law, and to promote the health of the film and television industry. The development of Kang. Earlier, there was an announcement that a woman was paid sixty million for three or four days. Whether the number is true or not is not yet certain, but the phenomenon of star's "abnormal remuneration" is really shocking.

For example, how do we calculate this "sixty million" account? On hand, there is a material: the "interactive topic" column of the Beijing morning post on July 2nd, the voice of a retired old worker: "the pension is up to the people's heart!" The letter said that he was pleased with his heart: the average monthly increase was 210 yuan, reaching an average of nearly 4000 yuan.

I counted it out: four thousand yuan a month, which is almost fifty thousand yuan a year. Astronomical star pays sixty million yuan at a time, the sum of one thousand and two hundred years old employees' pension. Is it a blessing or a curse between people in different industries? Shouldn't we think about it solemnly?

In my opinion, this is a matter of great significance: it concerns social harmony and stability of the country; it is fortunate for the country to be broken, and it is dangerous for the society to be allowed to do so. The first thing I said about the star price is death.

Second, it has hit the mainstream values and confused people's minds. As five sector notices pointed out: the price pay, the "Yin and yang contract", tax evasion and so on, "not only push the production cost of film and television program, affect the overall quality of film and television works, destroy the healthy ecology of the film and television industry, but also breed the tendency of gold worship, mislead young people blindly following the stars, distort the social values", thus it is necessary It is necessary to take effective measures to improve it. This involves thinking misleading, messing up the social atmosphere, reversing the value of life, and harming the majority of youngsters.

Our expectation for teenagers has always been: "to study for the rise of China", and we hope that they have lofty aspirations and strive for the future of the nation. Looking at China's achievements over the past years, it includes countless hardworking and selfless devotion.

However, the bad samples of astronomical stars are luring young people away from the right path and going astray. Is there a model in which there are three or four days of the income of thousands of years of ordinary workers, in which there is an example of a man and a woman who has become famous overnight. Is there no impact on the yearning of being a scientist and a big power craftsman? Let alone the frontier and the lower level serve the people. In a word, if the custom of a society is the popular pursuit of the stars and the whole people worship the gold, then the society is also falling, and what is the development of the nation?

The star price has affected social harmony and stability, and has confused people's minds.

Source: Beijing daily

Editor in responsibility: Huo Yuang

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