3 months revision 9 times what is public comment on anxiety?

3 months revision 9 times what is public comment on anxiety?

3 months revision 9 times what is public comment on anxiety?

In the noisy restaurant, 35 friends gathered and were worried about choosing dishes. At this time, only a friend took out his cell phone, "look at what the public comment says."

Public comment has been closely related to "food" since its birth in 2003. Even though it's now positioned as "discovering quality life," it's still meant to make eating more elaborate in the eyes of more people.

Since 2018, public comment has always been regarded as a "slow" product, and the revision has suddenly accelerated. On the afternoon of July 30, Daily Economic News reporters opened the APP store and found that in the past three months, the public commented on the updated version as many as nine times. Behind the frequent revision, in fact, reflects the anxiety and transformation of public comment.

One of the reasons for this anxiety is that public comment has encountered many challenges in subdividing the vertical field. The result is a stagnation or even decline in 2017. However, the public comment on the acceleration of the reversion is also annoying, not only being ridiculed by the media as "like shakes but also like a red book", and recently even involved in the invasion of users' privacy and being referred to as plagiarism.

"Like a trembling voice, like a little red book", the public comment from UGC (User Generated Content) exploded in succession.

Recently, the "little sweet potato" found in the content of the red book, was "moved" to the public comment, and he did not comment on the number of the public, red book official then joined the rights camp. Subsequently, the public commented on the 29 micro-blog apology, called because "the new line trial operation of the recommended column in the unauthorized circumstances of the relevant content of the transshipment of the relevant content." 20 days ago, the public comment was apologized for allegedly infringing on user privacy.

Behind the repeated exploding thunder is public comment on a restless and anxious heart. A major manifestation of its anxiety is the frequent updates and new functions on the line. The daily economic news reporter noticed that since this year, public comments have been introduced to the KOL platform and the video function is opened.

Although it is a joke, public comment is clear about community, social networking and quality content. It is not necessary to say that the small red book, by virtue of its strong community attributes and ability to bring goods, is often favored by capital, and is "happy", and the imagination space of the social fission effect of the WeChat ecology is also great. For the latter, although the public comment has been added to WeChat, it has successfully built the "friend chain chain" product function in technology, but is "short life" because of the alleged infringement of the user's privacy.

In an interview with the daily economic news reporter, Yang Xin, an outlook analyst, said that, in fact, short videos, like small red books, are rich in content form and play, which is to enhance the stickiness of the user and adapt to the needs of the present young consumers.

In addition, people in the industry point out that, in fact, the best way to enhance the stickiness of users is community / social, and the embarrassing thing is that today's public comments are rich in functionality and have multiple attributes, but most users still see it as a tool for quick decision making. However, the industry insiders also admitted that not all app are suitable for social interaction.

Why did the public comment on the "slow" label behind the sudden acceleration suddenly accelerate?

It is worth mentioning that, since the merger with the US troupe in 2015, public comment has been regarded as an important entrance to the US troupe ecology. However, the highly regarded "player" showed a weak performance on user indicators.

Data from Yi Guan Qian fan show that in the past year, monthly public users have shown a stagnation or even a downward trend. Meanwhile, as of June 2018, the number of active users of public comment declined to 24 million 790 thousand from 26 million 130 thousand in March this year. As the core component of the US mission, the monthly decline of public comment is undoubtedly worrying.

Industry insiders pointed out that with the rise of regional vertical platform, such a comprehensive platform for public comment is bound to have an impact. At the same time, after the text and pictures, the short video is also the most popular form of the new generation of consumer main force, while the public comments still stay in the text and picture stage, failed to respond to the "video revolution" in time, and it is not difficult to understand the decline of the users. Because of this, mass comment is also actively trying video format.

Yang Xin, an outlook analyst, said in an interview with the daily economic news reporter that the biggest advantage of the public comment was the local information service. Information is content, so optimizing content is the only way.

At the same time, there are also industry insiders pointed out that there are many loyal fans comment, comprehensive eating, living and shopping applications are mainly in the public comment. Compared with many regional vertical platforms, although the status of the US troupe in the field of life services can not be shaken, but the diversion effect is inevitable.

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