Ofo and drop drop retransmission combined with drop APP have stopped ofo access service.

Ofo and drop drop retransmission combined with drop APP have stopped ofo access service.

Ofo and drop drop retransmission combined with drop APP have stopped ofo access service.

Liu Si Hui, a reporter of our newspaper

The "entanglement" of ofo and drops continues.

Yesterday, it was reported that ofo and drip were still in negotiations, the two sides were in contact on the merger, and the negotiations between the two sides were close to the end.

The news says ofo and drops have been in contact with the purchase in July, and people know that in the past two or three weeks, they have sent people to do their due diligence. And "drops are still decreasing, and prices will be broken once every talk".

For such news, ofo said in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter that in the morning of July 30th, there were a number of media issues related to "ofo and drop negotiations are close to the end". Here, ofo small yellow car solemnly declares that similar statements are false information.

Ofo, at the same time, said, "as the leader of the sharing single car industry and the only independent developing single car enterprise at present, ofo has been leading the industry to explore the way of future development." We will continue to maintain the core values of "customer first", serve the users wholeheartedly, and continue to contribute the greatest strength to the problems of urban traffic congestion and air pollution.

In an exchange with the Securities Daily, the person in charge said that he was "totally unaware" of the merger with the ofo. This answer is also expected, before the close of the industry has told reporters that drip has now completely not taken over any ofo matters.

This is visible from the APP end, "Securities Daily" reporter found that in Beijing area with dripping APP can not use the ofo small yellow car, select the single car scavenging ofo small yellow car two-dimensional code display is "no service certification!" I am very sorry, because the certification process can not provide you with the car service. We have partially repaired this problem, but we can not solve it independently. We are actively communicating with ofo yellow car. Look forward to the repair to provide you with service. "

This means that the ofo small yellow car has lost the powerful flow entry of APP, which has a huge impact on its use. However, there are users who say, "everyone is free to deposit, and the yellow car is also forced to ask for a deposit, which is the reason why people do not want to use it."

In this regard, the small yellow car said, although ofo has a deposit, but the company also started to push the limited 99 year card activity (original price is 199 yuan). In contrast, the motorbike year card is 240 yuan, the car annual card is 120 yuan, ofo is more cost-effective. Ofo also identified this strategy as "a new round of price war". From this logical point of view, the ofo yellow car hopes to increase the stickiness of the user and expand more users, but it is still unknown in the context of the industry's general absence of deposit.

At the present stage, how to make profits and how to ensure the existing operation is becoming more and more important.

There was a news that a smart lock network communication service provider of ofo will stop serving the smart lock network card of the 3 million single vehicles involved in its business for more than half a year, and after stopping the service, these small yellow cars will be unable to locate and upgrade remote maintenance. The password replacement is out of order, users can not stop charging automatically after locking.

However, in response to the above-mentioned news, the official in charge of the company said, "there is no such problem as the above-mentioned said unavailability."

In fact, no money, money chain breakage and other news for the ofo small yellow car is not new, before a large number of news that the ofo is full of money, involving logistics companies, manufacturers, maintenance plants, and so on, the amount of money up to one hundred million yuan.

It is no wonder that making money is the most important goal of the company. In July 27th, at the China Internet association, the Ministry of industry and information information center jointly sponsored by the China Internet enterprise 100 and the top 100 enterprise summit in 2018, the ofo co founder of Xiao Huang said publicly that, before the eyes, the ofo Xiao Huang car was further improved. On the basis of enjoying the fine and intelligent operation of bicycles, we constantly explore new profit models, making profit one of the most important goals of the company.

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