BYD's "advertising door": Li Juan has woven a complicated network.


Yu Liyan

[to do a 20 million project, customers find A company, let A company take out 20 million, and promise to give A company high annual rate of return or project management fee, but actually let B company to operate]

For BYD (002594.SZ, 01211.HK), this is like a "summer of events". With the appearance of one of the key figures, Chen Zhenyu, and the latest announcement from the advertising agency, Shanghai, the BYD "advertising door" continues to ferment. In the first financial reporter's investigation, the parties involved are sticking to one's word, and the truth has not completely surfaced.

Li Juan involved several former colleagues in the advertising door.

"Related company running water and project have been submitted to the police, the police will find out." Wang Xiaoting, director of Shanghai Yu Hong Company involved, told the first financial reporter on the evening of July 27th. At this time, the distance between BYD and advertising doors has been almost a month.

Li Juan, known as "general manager of Shanghai BYD electric car Co., Ltd.", is one of the key figures in the advertising door. While she is in the name of Shanghai rain hung, she works with BYD at low price and free bait, and on the other hand, she talks with the advertising firm of Shanghai BYD. Even more bizarre, Li Juan's double identities existed for nearly three years. Over the past three years, these advertising agencies have helped BYD to do dealership activities and advertising in many areas. Until many advertisers could not get the money back, Li Juan's identity was really uncovered.

According to media reports and intelligence reports, the mysterious boss Chen Zhenyu, identified by Li Juan, finally appeared last week. Chen Zhenyu overthrew Li Juan's statement, he said he did not lose connection and was completely unaware. He had been engaged in real estate for many years, and had no intersection with the advertising and BYD.

"Very inexplicable, behind my back to say what mysterious boss I am, I feel very suddenly." Chen Zhenyu said he had arrived in Shanghai from the field last weekend, in conjunction with the police investigation, after getting in touch with the police. Prior to that, Li Juan said he was responsible for "BYD Shanghai", which was responsible for Chen Zhenyu's invisible shareholder of BYD.

Following the release of "man's BY face, the world without D", after the attention of the parties to the BYD "advertising door" incident, claimed to suffer the loss of Shanghai competition wisdom continued last week. Shanghai competitive intelligence pointed out that "Chen Zhenyu" is likely to be just a code name, or involves BYD related high-level personnel. In addition, according to the information of Shanghai competition intelligence, Li Juan's property transferred to her husband's name, Li Juan bitten "Chen Zhenyu" not to relax, and to protect her husband's suspicion. "I suspect that Li Juan's husband is a beneficier." Wang Daming, head of Shanghai competition intelligence, told the first financial reporter that the company had submitted relevant evidence to the police.

"The first time I met Li Juan was an afternoon tea, when I talked about work." The former head of Shanghai competition, Miss Ren, recalls the first financial reporter that Li Juan's acquaintance was because of the present introduction of Wang Daming, the head of the Shanghai competition, and that Wang and Li Cengjing were in the same company successively. At that time, Miss Ren could not settle the money in time in cooperation with Li Juan. The first financial reporter found that many people involved in the BYD advertising door have had a common experience with Li Juan, and they are all "old acquaintances".

The first financial reporter learned from a number of employees that Li Juan was in Ruian real estate (00272.HK) before 2013, and when Li Juan worked in Ruian real estate, her superiors were Chen Zhenyu.

In 2013, Li Juan left Ruian Real Estate, then came to Shanghai Soyi Media, Soyi Media in the work period, Li Juan and Wang Xiaoting became colleagues.

Li Juan worked for many famous car companies during his search for the media, and began to enter the car circle gradually. In 2015, Li Juan left the search media and went to vice president of Wuhe culture in Shanghai. Wang Daming, who was the vice president of the five river culture, was the head of the Shanghai competition. Wang Daming recalled the first financial reporter that when he left the five river culture in November 2015, the two sides added WeChat to meet Li Juan.

More than one word

"BYD is here, working on the eighth floor." A staff member of the first floor of the national gold 2 Office District told the first financial reporter that a reporter found that the "BYD office" at the 8 floor of the 2 phase of Lujiazui gold was now cleared from all the related countries, and the property rentals provided "three certificates" (business license and organization). The organization code certificate and tax registration certificate) were leased in the summer of 2017, and the lease lasted for one year.

BYD issued a statement after the outbreak of the advertising door, saying that the seal of BYD and its subsidiary, Shanghai BYD Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. had not been lent to Li Juan or lost, and Li Juan was forged by seals for contracts signed by BYD and Shanghai BYD electric vehicles limited. Li Juan has signed a contract with BYD employees and used forged seals to commit a crime.

If BYD is a counterfeit company, its cash flow will become a question. An advertiser explained that it probably used the advertising circle's funding model. For example, to do a 20 million project, customers find A company, let A company take out 20 million, and promise to give A company high annual rate of return or project management fee, but actually let B company to operate. Pass items and roll up the snowballs.

In fact, it is not only the national gold BYD and its seal, but also Li Juan's identity as Wang Xiaoting, Shanghai Yu Hong and her name in the connection with the BYD group. People close to BYD claimed that in May 31, 2018, Li Juan took Wang Xiaoting to BYD headquarters, and BYD's staff called Li Juan "Wang general" in the face of Wang Xiaoting, but Wang Xiaoting didn't sound out.

"I went with Assistant Li Juan, Assistant Li Juan and Project Manager of a supplier company. No one was called General Li Juan Wang at that time." For this statement, Wang Xiaoting denied the first financial reporter, and she stressed that there was a witness to prove it.

In a multi-storey residential building in a district outside Baoshan District, Shanghai, the first financial reporter found Li Juan's home, and Li Juan's husband was also the post - 80s and had a daughter. In Li Juan's 35 year old husband, it seems logical that his wife, Li Juan, is on the line with BYD, named "Chen Zhenyu," and that his wife does all this, BYD executives may default or know about it, otherwise all things can't tell. The wife had no incentive to do so. One of her post-85s girls had no background or connections and could not put the dish together.

In addition to Li Juan's relatives, even the so-called victims are different from each other. After Li Juan's surrender, BYD and advertising companies, who called themselves victims, began to ask questions about "who is actually benefiting", and began to ask about the final flow of capital and borrowing funds. Some companies are targeting Shanghai Yu Hung and its actual controller Wang Xiaoting.

According to BYD, Li Juan had been communicating in the name of Shanghai raehong, and Shanghai raehong was the only one of these advertising companies that entered the BYD supplier name library.

Advertising companies questioned Wang Xiaoting's purchase of Qingpu villa, Porsche Cayenne new car, and Li Juan intimate intimate, in February 2018 to travel to Singapore, to stay in luxury hotel. Moreover, part of the contract and bank water shows that there is advertising agency's capital transfer to Shanghai Yu Hung's account. In response, Wang Xiaoting's reply to the first financial reporter was "nonsense, believing that the police will find out the truth."

BYD headquarters in July 16th issued a letter of notification, said BYD is willing to communicate with the related companies, and in accordance with the police verification of the facts and the amount of verification, and related companies to discuss a reasonable solution. Some suppliers who are involved in BYD's advertising door seem to see hope. About 30000000 of the advertiser involved in the case, Runnik, told the first financial reporter on July 29th that he had been told by BYD to talk to BYD headquarters in Shenzhen in July 31st. Legally, if advertisers have been able to believe that the third people who have provided the BYD with services and products, they are expected to settle the money from BYD.

After the outbreak of BYD's advertising door, BYD's goodwill had a certain impact, but it did not affect the sales volume of the market. In July 29th, when the first financial reporter contacted BYD Shanghai dealers, the other party said that consumers bought cars without being affected, and the current cycle from car booking to taking cars could slow down in one and a half months, the longest in two to three months.

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