The first batch of scores in Beijing will be available for enquiry.

The first batch of scores in Beijing will be available for enquiry.

Original title: new progress! The first batch of Beijing scores will be available for enquiry.

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The first phase of data verification in Beijing has ended. Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) from the municipal human and Social Security Bureau was informed that from today, employers and applicants can log in to the online declaration system to check the initial results of the data.

It is understood that the city's integral settlement work is divided into four stages: declaration, verification, review, publicity and settlement. The review period was from July 31st to September 4th.

In the meantime, those who use their spouse's domicile or pay tax credits for investment enterprises in Beijing need to examine the certificate of husband-wife relationship and the tax situation of investment enterprises on the spot.

The initial results of the information on the own domicile in the index of legal and stable domicile, the award information in the innovation and entrepreneurship index, and the honorary title of honor recognition index are dissenting, and a review application can be put forward.

At present, the declaration system is not a specific score, but a preliminary result of the effectiveness of the various departments, of which the spouse has its own domicile, the tax situation in Beijing investment enterprise and the indicators of the employment area are still to be audited.

The final score of the applicant will not be obtained until the site review and review are completed, and enquiries are expected to be announced in the fourth quarter. For those applicants whose score indicators do not involve on-site auditing and review, no operation is required during this period, just wait patiently for the fourth quarter to announce the score results.

In the period from July 31st to September 4th, the applicant needs to verify the relationship between husband and wife and invest in the tax situation of the enterprise during the period from July 31st to September 4th. Please download and fill out the "authorization letter" in advance in the "integral fall service column" of the Municipal Human resources and Social Security Bureau, and prepare the relevant materials in accordance with the column hints. The personnel of the exchange unit.

Among them, the applicant's tax payment in Beijing has been compared with the data provided by the tax department and the industry and Commerce Department, without providing the tax proof and the articles of association, and the units can directly sign the service window in the district integral settlement.

In order to avoid centralized queuing, the service window of each district will send messages to each unit to inform each unit of the appointment time.

Applicants for their own residence information for reexamination applications, no need to submit written materials; for innovation and entrepreneurship indicators awards information, honor recognition of the honorary title information for reexamination applications, please prepare the relevant materials according to the declaration manual and submit the office staff to the district integral household service window.

In order to save time and simplify the process, the unit will be able to centrally handle all the field audits and reexamination applications under the name of the unit.

Source: Beijing daily

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