After gambling, women send a flag to the police: lose more than 30 pounds in prison (Figure)

After gambling, women send a flag to the police: lose more than 30 pounds in prison (Figure)

Original title: Gambling women released to the police after the release of the flag: 30 pounds in prison, blood pressure returned to normal

The gambling room was set up for 6 months, and more than 30 pounds were lost during the sentence, and the blood pressure returned to normal. In July 24th, shortly after he was released from prison in Pinghu, Zhejiang, he sent a flag and a thank-you letter to the police who had arrested him.

"15 years from the police, this is the first time a person who has been caught by himself has sent a flag." On July 30th, Huang Liebin, a police station of Guang Chen, Pinghu Municipal Public Security Bureau, told

At the beginning of January, Guang Chen police station found that a chess and card room in the former town of Hong Kong has been betting for more than 10 years. The boss, Amy, drew the head from it, and made a profit of 8500 yuan from January 1st to 6. On the 18 th of the month, the police arrested 11 persons, including AMI. After that, Amy was sentenced to 6 months' imprisonment for opening a casino.

According to the introduction, in the criminal suspects to take criminal compulsory measures before the physical examination, the police found that more than 30 year old A Mei has high blood pressure, up to 240, the lower pressure of 140. Officer Huang Liebin contacted the resident doctor in the detention center to make him pay more attention to Amido and encouraged her to keep a diary to ease the pressure.

"She told me she was dizzy and thought it was because she stayed up too late in the chess room. She was scared of herself when she found high blood pressure," she said. Huang Liebin said.

During his sentence, Amy's life became regular, he exercised, lost more than 30 pounds in 6 months, and his blood pressure returned to normal.

In mid July, Amy was out of prison. A few days later, she sent a brocade banner and a handwritten thank-you note with the words "dedicated and honest, not forgetting the beginning" to Huang Liebin. "She told me that she had transferred the chess and card room to dress processing, and would never do anything illegal again." Huang Liebin told the news.

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