Hong Kong media: j-20 ranks among the world's most advanced jet fighters comparable to F-22

Hong Kong media: j-20 ranks among the world's most advanced jet fighters comparable to F-22

Original title: "Weilong" to "Raptor": China's annihilate -20 can be comparable to F-22 in all directions.

According to Hongkong's South China Morning Post on July 28th, the article entitled "the Weilong" to "the Raptor": the Chinese fighter -20 and the American F-22, the official nickname "Weilong" the Chinese Air Force fighter -20 stealth fighter, is the world's most advanced jet fighter, comparable to the American F-22 "Raptor" fighter. Beauty.

The article said that in mid July, the PLA Air Force released a video of -20 training at night to show its combat readiness.

The aircraft is developed by Chengdu aircraft industry group, the article said. The company began testing it in 2011. In February 2018, the PLA Air Force disclosed that the aircraft was equipped with Air Force combat units. So far, Chengfei has produced dozens of fighter -20 for the PLA, and its production is still in progress.

F-22 was developed by Lockheed Martin and used only by the USAF. To protect its stealth technology, the aircraft was even banned from exporting to the closest allies in the United States. The machine flew in September 1997 and was put on sale in December 2005. In 2011, production was halted because of the high cost and the lack of a uniform model at that time.

According to the article, "Raptor" and "Weilong" are one of the most advanced fifth generation fighters in the world. Both of these two single - seat fighters have a stealth capability. The following is the comparison of the two.

Design features

The article says that the size of the -20 and F-22 is similar. The captain of the fighter -20 is 20.3 meters long with a wingspan of 12.9 meters, while the F-22 captain is 19 meters and the wingspan is 13.6 meters.

The two kinds of fighters are made of advanced alloy materials, and their empty weight is about 19 tons.

The normal take-off weight of the -20 is slightly larger, about 32 tons, while the F-22 index is 29 tons. But the maximum take-off weight of F-22 is 38 tons, 2 tons more than that of -20.


The two kinds of aircraft have a rise of 20000 meters. The maximum speed is over 2 Maher (two times the sonic speed). The F-22 has a relatively short range of 800 kilometers, and the J-20's huge internal fuel tank can give it a combat radius of 1100 kilometers.


F-22 is powered by the F119-PW-100 turbofan engine, enabling it to cruise at supersonic speed of 1.82 Maher. The engine has a vector nozzle, enabling F-22 to have good maneuverability under supersonic conditions.

The article thinks, however, the engine is the weakest link of -20. China's independent development of advanced turbofan engine is behind schedule. This means that the fighter -20 has to rely on poor performance engines - either China's turbofan -10B or Russian - made AL-31FM2/3 - which seriously affects the stealth ability of its motor performance and supersonic conditions. However, the new turbofan -15 engine will solve this problem to a large extent.


The article considers that the -20 is considered to have excellent forward and lateral stealth abilities. However, it is believed that compared with F-22, the stealth performance is poorer and easier to detect by radar.


In order to maintain invisibility, these two kinds of fighters mount weapons in the cabin. The main cockpit of the -20 can carry up to 6 air-to-air missiles, less than F-22. However, due to the larger space of the missile compartment, the -20 can carry missiles farther away and -6 precision guided bombs.

So far, -20 has not been confirmed to have an aircraft gun. But some analysts believe that the -20 can mount the gun cannon.

F-22 can carry up to 8 short range or medium range air-to-air missiles. It also has a M61 "Fire God" machine gun and 4 under wing plug-ins, which can carry extra fuel or missiles.


The article commented that the two types of aircraft have highly integrated avionics and sensor devices, including a low detectable active electron scanning array radar (AESA), which can track multiple targets in any weather. It is reported that the AESA of the -20 fighter is very similar to that of F-22's AN/APG-77 AESA.


The production of the F-22 was cut off because of high cost, the article said -- $62 billion, equivalent to $339 million per aircraft.

The R&D cost of the J-20 is estimated to be more than 30 billion yuan ($4.4 billion), with each aircraft costing between $100 million and $110 million.

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