Nearly half of Japanese companies believe that Japan's technological strength is declining: ten years later, it is surpassed by China.

Nearly half of Japanese companies believe that Japan's technological strength is declining: ten years later, it is surpassed by China.

[Global Times correspondent Sun Xiuping in Japan] "Japan economic news" 30 reported that the newspaper carried out in 2018 "research and development activities related investigation" showed that 43.9% of the respondents believed that Japan's scientific and technological strength declined. Of the 289 companies surveyed, only 10 believed that Japan's science and technology strength is improving. This has led Japanese media to lament that India and China are expected to surpass Japan in R&D in 10 years due to the rise of emerging economies such as China and India.  

The survey allowed enterprises to score 10 degrees of R & D strength now and 5 years later. In terms of R & D strength, India has 3 points, China has 3.5 points, which is lower than Japan's 3.8 points. But 10 years later, India was 3.8 points, China was 4.3 points, more than Japan's 3.7 points. From different industries, China will surpass Japan and the United States in the field of automobile and spare parts, second only to Europe. Japan's IT, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and materials industry have seen more than 50% of the decline in scientific and technological strength.

In Japan, research and development capabilities are limited by policies, talents and financial resources, and there are signs of concern. According to the Japanese economic news, according to the statistics of the Institute of science and technology and academic policy of the Ministry of science of the Japanese Ministry of science, from the number of high quality research papers, Japan ranked ninth in the world from 2013 to 2015, and the fourth ranking dropped sharply from 10 years ago. In the 10 years ago, sixth of China rose to second, second only to the United States. The paper is seen as a leading indicator of a country's scientific and technological strength five to 10 years from now, and the sense of crisis is warming up, the paper said.

According to the website of Japan's weekly Dongyang Economics, China has become a technological power, and is ahead of the United States and Japan in new industries. The Japanese government has a profound sense of crisis in the development of the international competition for the next generation of cars under the policy of China, Britain and France to launch the development of new energy vehicles. According to Nikkei XTECH, the United States and China are both powerful countries in the world's manufacturing industry, and Japan has to rely on micro-processing technology to win in the fierce competition.

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