Taiwan polls: Cai Yingwen's dissatisfaction is up to 64%. Cai still sleeps and wakes up.

Taiwan polls: Cai Yingwen's dissatisfaction is up to 64%. Cai still sleeps and wakes up.

[global network comprehensive report] the latest polls in the Taiwan Competitiveness Forum showed that the people's dissatisfaction with Cai Yingwen's governance continued to increase, with 64.1% interviewees dissatisfied, up 3.8%. Pang Jianguo, the chairman of the forum, said that the public was dissatisfied with CAI's "one side" but the authorities were still asleep. He also appealed to the authorities to stop deception.

In the morning of July 30th, the Taiwan Competitiveness Forum published the data on the political polls of the Tsai authorities. In terms of cross-Straits relations, 47.9% of the "poor" were considered as only 13.8% and 61.7% of the two. A good total of only 8.6%,

In terms of "diplomatic relations", 40.1% of the respondents believed that "a lot of poor" and 15.5% considered "a little worse", and the total amount was 55.6%, and a good total was only 8.9%. In addition, a total of 58.7% thought the performance of the economy was poor.

In response to Cai Yingwen's performance, 64.1% of the respondents were dissatisfied, which was 3.8% more than that of the previous survey in February.

According to the polls, Pang Jianguo, chairman of Taiwan Competitiveness Forum, appealed to Cai authorities to stop deceiving themselves.

According to the Hongkong review agency, the Taiwan Competitiveness Forum held a press conference on the 30 day, Pang Jianguo said, the people thought that Cai Yingwen's worst performance in the 2 years was the cross-strait relations, whether it was "internal affairs" or "diplomacy" and other performance, and the people were also dissatisfied.

Chen Mingtong, the chief Committee of the Taiwan Land Committee, visited the United States and declared goodwill to the mainland, but Pang Jianguo believed that the situation was not the case, and that the Tsai authorities were not waking up.

The poll also carried out a survey on the performance of the executive president Lai Qing de political performance, with a total of nearly 48% people dissatisfied and 33.8% satisfaction, compared with the results of the February poll, increased dissatisfaction by 6.4%, and a 3.9% decline in satisfaction.

In terms of Party support, polls show that the Kuomintang outperformed the DPP by 23.1%, 6% of the time force and 2.9% of the PPP. Other political parties support less than 1%, and another 51.7% people are neutral or unresponsive.

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