Beijing high temperature yellow warning, now 4 days, is continuing hot and hot.

Beijing high temperature yellow warning, now 4 days, is continuing hot and hot.

Original title: Beijing high temperature yellow warning in today's 4 days will continue to heat hot and hot upgrade

China Weather Network News today (31) from 4 days, most of Beijing will now be persistent high temperature weather, coupled with higher relative humidity, muggy feeling will be more obvious. The public should pay attention to the prevention of summer heat and reduce the temperature.

Yesterday, the hot weather continued in Beijing, the highest temperature during the day reached 34 degrees centigrade, the minimum relative humidity reached 54%, and it was hot and humid.

Today, there will be persistent hot and sultry weather in Beijing. Beijing meteorological observatory 6 released: today, cloudy day in the daytime, morning fog, east to the south wind two or three, the highest temperature 35, the minimum relative humidity of 50%; night cloudy, South to the north wind one or two, the minimum temperature of 27 degrees, the maximum relative humidity 95%.

It is expected that the high temperature process will last for 4 days. To this end, 16 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Beijing meteorological station issued a high temperature yellow warning signal, from July 31st to August 3rd, the highest temperature in most areas of the city will reach 35 degrees centigrade.

The weather experts suggest that in the persistent hot and muggy weather, people should pay more attention to the heat of the summer and more water.

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