4 Kampuchea was shot and Chinese tourists returned home to pay 200 thousand at their own expense.

4 Kampuchea was shot and Chinese tourists returned home to pay 200 thousand at their own expense.

Original title: 4 Kampuchea was shot and Chinese tourists returned home at their own expense for 200 thousand

Southern Metropolis Daily News that 4 Hebei Tangshan tourists who were shot in Sihanouk province in Kampuchea have been back home in July 27th and are now being treated at a hospital in Tangshan.

Mr. Zhang told the Nandu correspondent that he had some infection in his calf hole, and that he had to be hospitalized for 10 days. Friends of the colleagues in the domestic inspection found there are broken bones in the knee, to hit a fixed splints, a friend has to do minimally invasive surgery, now 4 people in Kampuchea medical fee has spent about 200000 yuan, are self - fee. Mr. Zhang said Kampuchea police had made 3 records of them in the hospital, and Kampuchea police said the results were still in the secrecy phase and were still under investigation. It is understood that the staff of the Embassy of the Chinese Embassy in Kampuchea, Li Jie and other embassy staff had visited 4 injured Chinese tourists, and there was no result in the shooting.

Mr. Zhang said, he opened a supermarket in Tangshan, a friend of his colleagues was a hotel. This time with his friends is the first time to go to Kampuchea. "We listen to a friend in Tangshan to open a restaurant." we listen to a friend who opens a hotel in Tangshan. It is better to develop Sihanouk port in Kampuchea. "We'd like to play and see if we can open a Chinese restaurant," Mr. Zhang said. "Four of us were classmates and friends, plus my nephew. We went there to find a local intermediary and drove us to look at the local Chinese restaurant. We have no contact with the locals, there is no conflict. "

Mr. Zhang recalled that the accident happened suddenly that day, and the whole journey was only a minute. The two men, wearing helmets and bags, went straight to their desks and fired. "Too fast, we don't have time to revolt, we don't know why," said Mr. Zhang. "Now we don't want to go to the shop there. All of them have been put on such a big thing.

Before about 8:15 on July 16th local time, in the village of No. three, Sihanouk, Sihanouk, Kampuchea, 5 Tangshan tourists to Kampuchea were shot at a Chinese restaurant in a Chinese restaurant, when 2 men on motorcycles and helmets suddenly opened multiple guns and fled. Four Chinese tourists were shot in the leg. After the incident, the restaurant owner immediately alerted the police. Local police found four cartridge shells at the scene of the crime. The suspect's identity has not been confirmed.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

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