93 year old Expeditionary Army soldiers died: witness their comrades to step on thunder to remind us not to forget history.

93 year old Expeditionary Army soldiers died: witness their comrades to step on thunder to remind us not to forget history.

Original title: 93 year old veterans of the war, he died: I saw my comrades tread on the thunder and sacrificed to remind us not to forget history.

If it hadn't been for a sudden deterioration, he would have spent his 94 birthday in the blessings of his children and grandchildren.

"He walked very quietly, but we still could not bear it." In July 30th, He Yong, who had not finished his father's work, sat on the sofa where his father used to sit.

Ten days ago, he died of prostate cancer in the hospital at the age of 93. The Huaxi metropolis newspaper - the cover news reporter learned that he had joined the Chinese expeditionary army in 1944 and went to Yunnan, Burma and India to combat Japan with his troops. In his later years, he often spoke to the young people around him about the past events of the war of resistance against Japan, and reminded him not to forget history.

Veterans return

One month later, he was 94.

In the morning of July 30th, the sun is shining in Chengdu. He Yong, who had just finished his work for his father, was busy sorting out his medals, photographs and favorite books and magazines.

"I didn't expect my father to leave us so soon." Recalling the afternoon of July 19, the Ho Yong family did not slow down, "after checking out prostate cancer, we have been accompanying him to treat. Father is very optimistic, let us let nature take its course, he will continue to struggle with the disease. "

A few days before his death, he also had a chat with his daughter He Yong. "Father's spirits were much better, and I thought at that time that he was temporarily over, preparing for his birthday, so that the children would accompany him." He Yong said he had no idea that on July 19, five days later, they received a phone call from the hospital, which was just one month short of his brilliant birthday.

Eventful years

Witness the sacrifice of the comrades on the thunder

In addition to his father and husband's identity, he is also a veteran of Sichuan's Anti Japanese war. Among his relics, the most dazzling is a row of medals, including the 70th anniversary commemorative medal for the victory of the war of resistance against Japan.

In 1944, the war of resistance against Japan was filled with smoke and a notice of conscription, which completely changed the life of He Guanghui. "My father took the initiative to join the army after seeing the draft notice, and went to Burma, India and other places to be trained to participate in the war against Japan." He Yong said that the previous father rarely mentioned the past, about his father's experience of Anti Japanese, most of whom were learned from the history of the war of resistance. "His father told me that he had to have a few badges in his life, because the medal of his chest was his glory."

After joining the army and training, He Guanghui went to Burma with the expeditionary force. On this way, he had 8 young comrades who died because of the landmines buried by the Japanese army. "He never forgot this scene in his life." He Yong said that his father often talked about this matter, especially told, "Do not forget history, history is a river, can not be cut off."

Life in the old age

I like to drink tea with old comrades best

After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, he returned to Chengdu to study in the law department of Sichuan University, and then became a lawyer.

Remembering his father's life in his later years, he felt guilty. "A few of our children are absent from their parents all year round, so they have been living alone for two parents." She said, father usually likes to sit on the balcony reading, reading, because he feels the balcony air is good, the view is more open, look at the past, is the window full of green.

"If it is cooler outside, he will sit in the house, which is his favorite position." He Yong pointed to a seat on the sofa and said that the radio was bought by volunteers. "My father likes it so much that he can listen to it for a long time every time he turns it on."

In 2017, He Yong also made a photo wall for his father, which was pasted with pictures taken by his family and when he Guanghui attended a veterans'gathering.

"My father liked meeting old soldiers very much in his old age." He Yong said she had been with her father two times. "I remember now that my father was so happy that he changed his clothes early in the morning and waited to meet his comrades in arms." He Yong recalls that without the hustle and bustle on the battlefield, they met and chatted about the family and the children, although they would not meet all the time, but they were still like a brother.

Source: Huaxi Metropolis Daily




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