2018 on the first day of the international military competition, the Chinese team has no suspense to win the championship.

2018 on the first day of the international military competition, the Chinese team has no suspense to win the championship.

The Russian arabeno stadium, the international military competition -2018, was officially opened in July 28th, and on the first day of the game, the PLA delegation, in addition to the title of the "two tank" team, also made the first battle of the other race, only in the view of the Chinese. The competition is really a lack of suspense.

According to the report of the Xinhua News Agency on July 29th, the Chinese team came to the fore from the 12 team in Moscow arhabo on the 28 day, winning the first place in the national cuisine masters of the "field cooking" project.

Before the start of the competition, teams from other countries visited the Chinese team's field cooker (CCTV report screenshot)

The report said that the morning, including Russia, China, Israel and other countries, including the 12 participating countries in accordance with the competition arrangements, produced a unique national flavor of food, for visitors to visit the taste. Chinese players make 8 special dishes, such as Yangzhou lion head, sweet osmanthus sugar lotus root, Beijing roast duck, and 4 kinds of staple food such as small cage bag, dragon pastry crisp, crystal steamed dumpling, and so on, total 30 people.

"According to the Russian arrangement, teams from all countries need only 20 dishes. But in order to let more people know about Chinese cuisine, we have made 10 more people. Sun Hualong, the Chinese team member, said.

But the Chinese team's estimates proved too optimistic: within 10 minutes, the dishes were eaten by the audience, and seemed to be undercooked.

Among the many fans of Chinese cuisine is Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the host of the international military competition. At 10 a.m., he presided over the opening ceremony of the "international military competition". At 11:50, after the opening ceremony, he drove to the national cuisine masters competition.

Under the guidance of the leader of the Chinese "field cooking" project and a brigade of eighty-second brigade brigades, Pan Shouyong, Shoigu successively tasted the Chinese dishes such as Beijing roast duck, crisp scallop and golden silk cake. "Chinese cuisine is still so delicious!"

The Chinese team of the "field cooking" project was formed by a brigade of eighty-second army groups. In 2016, the brigade took part in the same project and won the first prize in the national cuisine masters of the year, and Shoigu was impressed by the Chinese food. Now, a year later, the Chinese team again participated in the "field cooking" project.

After eating the roast duck, Shoigu went to the "tank two item" field, and witnessed the Liberation Army car group winning the first prize in the group competition. After the judgment of the referee committee, the Chinese team also won the first prize in the "field cooking" event of national cuisine master competition.

Of course, we must point out that the national cuisine masters competition is a "field cooking" event. In the official results of the competition, the food produced by the competitors should be included in the organizer's menu restrictions, are red cabbage soup and other Russian-style Western food. And roast Russian bread.

... But can this be a rare Chinese cook? The competitors said that we were ready for the match. You see, this is our pre-match training of Western food skills, is it the same?

In order to prepare for the international military competition, Chinese cooks have developed 15 kinds of bread to prepare for the international military competition.

In addition, one is one hundred meters shooting, which is the specialty of Chinese cooks. In 2016, 4 members of the Chinese team were ranked first in the 116 ring with 12 shots, 4 rings less than the full ring, and the second Mongolia team played only 109 rings.

Before the competition, Chinese cooking soldiers carried out firing training, Every PLA cook is a rifleman! Every Chinese cook is a shooter! (picture source: Chinese military network)

The PLA's cooks are fierce, not only to see the individual's efforts, but also to consider the development process of the PLA's logistical equipment. In this competition, the PLA, like 2016, carried the Dongfeng EQ2102 field cooking car, which was equipped with two sets of staple food cooker, two sets of non-staple cooking stoves, a set of face machines, a set of cutting machines, a set of fumes, hair sets, hair set, and a set of oil and smoke machines. A set of motors and many other cooking utensils can be used for cooking and cooking while driving. 1 hours can guarantee a hot food supply of about 300 people. The Beijing roast duck that can make excellent scent and flavor is inseparable from the old man.

In contrast, the Russian army is still using a fairly primitive cabin trailer to provide a field diet, which looks less different from the Soviet Red Army's cooking trailers during World War II.

The Russian army will use this old-fashioned shelter trailer for cooking.

It was during World War II - no difference, you see, there are four pots, three more than in World War II.

However, it may be that the Chinese team is too advanced and not fair to other teams. This year the referee group asked the Chinese team to use Russian style trailers to cook dishes in the formal competition, while the Dongfeng field cooker was able to cook for the Chinese delegation after roasting Shoigu with the roast duck.

But is the Chinese team afraid of you? Let's not talk about the shelter Trailer. We used it ourselves...

PLA cabin trailers, more comprehensive than the Russian Army, have their own roofs and can be airdropped (photo source: China-Guangzhou Military)

Even if there is no pot and no stove, Chinese cooking soldiers can make five dishes and one soup.

Xinhua news network previously reported that a tropical mountain jungle training team in the field made hot chicken chicken, bamboo shoots fried meat slices, pork stew stewed winter melon, bitter gourd scrambled eggs, vegetable stir fried cabbage 5 dishes, in addition to a bucket of Millet Green bean soup.

We have 11 years of compulsory education in Russia, and you have only 9 years of compulsory education. Why is it so beautiful?

In addition, in 2016, the performance of the Chinese team in field cooking was... Proxime accessit. The first is the Russian team.

Perhaps the judges' tastes are more biased towards their own families, but friendship is the first and the competition is second.

Fragrance is not fragrant?

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