Hollywood actress has been praised by netizens for capturing the giant tarantula.

Hollywood actress has been praised by netizens for capturing the giant tarantula.

Overseas network, July 31, the family suddenly broke into a huge wolf spider, and the children are screaming in horror, what should a mother do at this time? Niicole Kidman, a famous Hollywood actress, gave her answer: she bravely grabbed the "uninvited guest" in the home, and then released it intact.

According to Fox News on the 30th, local time 29, Nicole Kidman through the social media released a video that looks a little scary. The video was taken in the famous actress's home, and the beginning part could see a black, furry spider crawling forward to the pool, and one of Kidman's children was screaming, "Mom returned! Take a step back! " It seems quite tense.

But then, as the picture turned, Nicole Kidman had a large glass bottle in her hand and the spider was trapped inside. The woman also smiled and said, "I have to take care of this spider". She later confirmed that the "unexpected visitor" had been released intact and healthy.

By the 30 morning local time, the video had been played 280 thousand times, and hundreds of netizens had been able to catch and save the tarantula by the brave mother. A net friend even said, "you are so quiet!" It's more brave than my girlfriend! "

It is reported that tarantula is a solitary creature that hunts large insects, frogs and snakes. The poison in their poisonous teeth helps kill the prey immediately, but the bite they cause is not so dangerous to humans. The San Diego Zoo has explained that although the average person is afraid of tarantulas, the reality is that most tarantulas have the same toxicity as bees.

Niicole Kidman has been married to singer Keith Urban for 12 years. The couple have two daughters, aged 9 and 7, respectively. She also adopted two children with her ex husband Tom Curise.

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