Heavy: Beijing issued deep reform action plan to launch 117 reform initiatives

Heavy: Beijing issued deep reform action plan to launch 117 reform initiatives

Source: Beijing daily

Original title: weighs! Beijing issued the Shenzhen reform action plan and launched 117 reform initiatives.

Yesterday, the Beijing municipal Party committee of the Communist Party of China and the people's Government of Beijing issued the action plan for the important measures of Beijing to deepen the reform and expand the opening to the outside world, including the construction of the institutional mechanism for promoting the reduction of the development, the improvement of the institutional mechanism for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the deepening of the reform of the scientific and technological system. 117 specific measures. The full text of the plan of action is as follows -

Beijing's action plan for comprehensively deepening reform and opening wider to the outside world

In order to further study and implement the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, we should fully implement the major decision making of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening to the outside world, raise the banner of reform and opening up, and promote the new efficiency of the reform and opening to the capital of the new era. Move the plan.

1. General requirements

We should adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, carry out the spirit of the nineteen and the Third Plenary Session of the second and third Plenary Session of the party's nineteen and nineteen sessions, thoroughly carry out the spirit of the important speech of the general secretary of Xi Jinping, and push forward the strategic orientation of the capital city and the construction of the first class harmonious and livable capital of the country. The capital has reduced its development, innovative development and high quality development, highlighted key areas, seized key links, highlighted the capital's characteristics, further deepened reform, expanded opening up, and relied on reform and opening up to provide strong impetus to the development of the capital, stimulate innovation vitality, and promote the capital in a deeper level of reform and higher level opening to the capital to realize the new capital. Development.

Two, build an institutional mechanism for reducing volume development.

1. The construction of urban and rural construction land reduction planning guidance mechanism, combined with zoning planning, control detailed rules and regulations, refining each area reduction task list, the formulation of construction land reduction implementation plan, the establishment of the annual reduction plan implementation management system.

2. We should set up the mechanism to implement the reduction and development, formulate the measures for the implementation of the ecological control line and the urban development boundary, clear the standards for the implementation of the reduction and development, strictly restrict the transformation of the external storage and the new construction land in the centralized construction area, and force the reduction of the urban and rural construction land outside the centralized construction area.

3. We should set up an incentive mechanism for the development of reduction and development, implement the system of planning and classification management, build a planning and implementation planning mechanism at the level of district level, formulate the incentive policy of reduction development, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the regions to reduce the development.

4. Establishing the rigid restraint mechanism of the red line of ecological protection, promoting the local legislation of the red line of ecological protection, establishing and perfecting the system of responsibility, monitoring assessment, supervision and assessment, policy incentive and so on, so as to ensure that the ecological function of the ecological control area is not reduced, the area is not reduced, and the nature is not changed.

5. The system of land supply and reduction for urban and rural construction land is set up, the construction land dismantling ratio and the dismantling ratio management method are formulated, and the time series and quantity of urban and rural construction land supply and reduction are arranged.

6. Establish and improve the building scale control mechanism, improve the building scale control and management measures, formulate regional building scale indicators, occupational-residential ratio control and guidance standards.

7. Establish the guiding mechanism of strategic blank space for construction land, strictly examine the function of land use, and use land with unclear function as the control of strategic blank land.

8. In order to innovate the project implementation mode of the development of reducing the quantity, the paper summarizes the policy innovation of "the township co-ordination" and the "one green pilot" in Chaoyang, and establishes a regional integrated mechanism based on the planning and implementation unit and the platform of the policy integration, and constructs the working mechanism of the district level integrated policy and the overall implementation of the town level.

9. Establishing the fine utilization mechanism of the construction land, carrying out the whole life cycle management of the land, strengthening the dynamic supervision and performance evaluation in the process of project completion, investment and use and use, promoting the method of elastic transfer of industrial land, renting after rent, perfecting the unused and inefficient land use mechanism, and regularly carrying out various industrial parks and state-owned enterprises The rural collective construction land is evaluated, and the evaluation criteria for the benefit indexes such as per capita output value, land average output and so on, as well as the evaluation criteria for energy consumption, water consumption and pollution discharge are established.

10. We should improve the management mechanism of collective construction land, establish the management measures of village and township management, perfect the rural collective economic contract management system, strengthen the development intensity of the collective construction land, the intensity of land investment, and the overall control of per capita land use index, and build a standard system for saving and intensification of collective construction land.

11. We should strictly control the incremental mechanism, implement the newly added new industrial prohibition catalogue, perfect the general manufacturing, regional logistics base, professional market and other exit mechanisms, and formulate the support policy of promoting "the cage for the bird".

12. The organic renewal mechanism of the city is established, the organic renewal policy system of the city is perfected, the space resources reusing the admittance standard, and the control and control are strengthened, and the rational allocation and use of space resources will be promoted.

13. Establish the implementation mechanism of reducing development responsibility, formulate the monitoring and assessment methods of reducing development, and incorporate the effect of reducing into the evaluation and assessment of economic and social development in each district.

Three, improve the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei institutional mechanisms

14. To improve the institutional mechanism of investment and construction in the area of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei transportation, to speed up the construction of multi node and network traffic pattern with rail transportation as the backbone, to carry out the suggestions of promoting the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei civil aviation, to innovate the "double hub" airport operation mode in Beijing, and to innovate the management system and operating machine of the Beijing new airport economic zone. To make the international first-class aviation hub.

15. We should improve the work system of ecological environment joint governance and cooperative protection in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and further promote the management of lake and grass system in landscape forest fields, promote the joint control of joint control of regional air pollution prevention and control, and promote the coordinated control and ecological restoration of the Yongding River and the Chao Bai river.

16. To carry out the construction of the industrial transfer, to improve the construction of the industrial park, to promote the establishment of the tax collection and sharing mechanism of Industrial Park and to consolidate the 4+N production. The pattern of industry cooperation has fostering a number of platforms for collaborative innovation and industrial cooperation.

17. Relying on the Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional medical association, the three place referral mechanism is gradually promoted, the mutual recognition of the results of medical inspection and the quality control of medical image data sharing are perfected, and the joint procurement of medical consumables in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is organized and implemented to promote the rationalization of the price.

18. We should improve the cooperative development mechanism and policy system of the health service industry in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, especially the old-age industry, expand the scope of medical insurance interconnection and pension subsidy, and support the output brand and management experience of the powerful old-age service institutions.

19. To innovate the comprehensive management system of urban sub center, the reform of the planning and implementation mechanism, the new urbanization, the investment and financing system mechanism, the urban management system and so on are explored to improve the management level of the urban sub center planning and construction.

20. The integration plan of Tongzhou District and the northern third county of Langfang is introduced, the unified planning, the unified policy, the unified management and control system mechanism are perfected, and the administrative barriers are broken and the overall coordination is strengthened.

21. Through the way of government guidance, market operation and cooperation and co construction, the urban sub center transportation infrastructure, public service and industry will be extended to the northern third county of Langfang.

22. We should fully support the coordination mechanism of the construction of Xiong 'an new area, accelerate the construction of Zhongguancun science and Technology Park in Xiong an new area, build a cross regional service platform for scientific and technological resources and the platform for transformation of achievements, and strive for the extension of the first trial policy and the coordinated layout of the major innovative resources of the country.

Four, deepen the reform of the scientific and technological culture system

23. In order to provide service guarantee for the construction of innovation centers, such as universities, institutes and innovative enterprises in Beijing, we should deepen the cooperation and innovation mechanism of central and municipal cooperation and city cooperation.

24. To improve the "three cities and one area" planning and construction management system mechanism, focus on the Zhongguancun Science City, create a scientific city with global influence, break through the Huairou Science City, build a world class comprehensive national science center, invigorate the future scientific city, create the world's leading technological innovation highland, optimize and upgrade the economic and technological technology of Beijing. The development zone will create the forefront of the innovation driven development of the capital.

25. The reform of Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration zone should be strengthened, and the leading role of "experimental field" in Zhongguancun reform is further played, and the new reform pilot is actively promoted and systematically promoted.

26. Supporting the construction of the world's first class new R & D institutions, innovating the management mechanism, attracting a number of strategic scientific and technological innovation leaders and their high level innovation team to come to Beijing, endowing the new research and development institutions with the autonomy of employment, funds use, title evaluation, operation management and so on, and strive to achieve a forward-looking basis. Major breakthroughs in research and leading original achievements.

27. We should improve the construction mechanism and supporting policies of the Capital University's sophisticated and innovative centers, and create the heights of scientific and technological innovation and personnel training in Colleges and universities.

28. We will improve the innovative assessment mechanism for municipal state-owned enterprises, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological innovation and achievements of municipal state-owned enterprises, and vigorously develop high-end industries.

29. We should improve the supporting policies of capital investment, personnel training, intellectual property and space land, and promote the development of the new generation of information technology, integrated circuits, medical health, intelligent equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy intelligent vehicles, new materials, artificial intelligence, software and information services, and technology service industry. See, land, talent, finance and other 3 comprehensive supporting policies fall down, cultivate and develop a number of innovative industrial clusters.

30. The regulations of Beijing to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the operation mechanism of scientific and technological innovation fund, the establishment and improvement of the service platform and the guidance and incentive mechanism for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the implementation of the government procurement policy system for new technology and new products, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Beijing.

31. Construction of an effective mechanism for the protection, repair and utilization of historic and cultural cities, the overall promotion of the protection of the central axis, and the implementation of the the Grande Canale cultural belt, the the Great Wall cultural belt, the Yongding River Cultural belt in Xishan, and the implementation of the mechanism policy.

32. We should establish and improve the integration and development mechanism and policy system of culture and technology, finance, information, tourism and other industries, and promote the upgrading of the cultural and creative industries, the innovation of the format, the optimization of the chain, and the speeding up of the construction of the leading area of the cultural and creative industries.

33. We should optimize the allocation mechanism and policy system of public cultural resources, innovate the operational mechanism of management services, and speed up the construction of demonstration zones for public cultural services.

34. We will deepen the structural reform of the supply side of municipal media, intensify the integration of resources, and promote the deep integration and development of traditional and emerging media.

35. We will deepen the reform of the management system of state-owned cultural assets and cultural enterprises and institutions, and foster a number of leading cultural enterprises with strong international competitiveness.

Five, expand opening to the outside world with greater strength

36. We should encourage foreign investors to invest in high - precision industries, implement the State - step cancellation of the foreign capital shares of the automobile industry and the number of joint ventures, such as the number of joint ventures, to support the landing of the new energy vehicle project.

37. We will further promote pilot projects for innovation and development of trade in services, support the development of new forms and models of trade in services, and encourage the use of cloud computing, large data and materials.

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