Russian senior officials: Russian missile boats equipped with caliber cruise missiles have potential for export to China

Russian senior officials: Russian missile boats equipped with caliber cruise missiles have potential for export to China

[global network military July 31st report] Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced a series of new weapons development projects in Russia on 29, including the reopening plan of the highly concerned ground effect aircraft. He also said that the Russian side intends to export the "caliber" cruise missile type 22800 missile craft, "for Vietnam, China, India and other Pacific countries, it has a good export potential."

Russian satellite network 30, said Borisov, 29 to Krasnoyarsk border area to inspect local production of national defense and civil products in 29, and held a meeting. In an interview after the meeting, he revealed that Russia will build the prototype of the "Eagle carving" ground effect vehicle by 2027. According to the introduction, the ground effect aircraft can be attached to the ground to fly at high speed, and has great military potential. The Soviet Union took the lead in testing ground-effect aircraft in the 1980s, when it was called the Caspian Sea monster by the unintended United States. Borisov said the future of the new ground effect aircraft will be equipped with missiles to carry out vigilance tasks in the underdeveloped north and to patrol the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea.

Borisov also revealed that Russia is willing to export the "22800 caliber" multi-purpose missile ship equipped with "caliber" cruise missiles. He said: "These missile boats have been successfully designed and equipped with good weapons, especially the calibre cruise missiles that have been tested in actual combat. I think it has good export potential for many countries, especially for Vietnam, China, India and other Pacific countries.

But Borisov also acknowledged the plight of the Russian army, he said: "we do not have the demand for large-scale procurement of new equipment, which are too expensive for the existing equipment." Therefore, the Russian army does not intend to buy large quantities of the latest "Amatar" tanks, more inclined to upgrade the existing models to enhance the operational potential of military equipment. In 2016, the Russian Army installed the transformed T-72M main battle tank, which has new artillery, special protection, new vehicle-borne equipment and 1130 horsepower engine. (Ma Jun)

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