"Made in Japan" has been planted again: the latest armored vehicles have been repeatedly shot and abandoned.

The Japanese Self-Defense team, known for the "high price of physical beauty", has recently "planted a somersault" with the "Global Times special reporter Wu Yan" in July 31st. Japan's Kyodo News Agency said Wednesday that new wheeled armored vehicles planned to be imported by the Land Self-Defense Force for offshore defense and overseas dispatch were eventually abandoned because of quality problems. Reported that "it is rare that the development of large-scale equipment of the Self-Defense Force has been frustrated", this matter may also affect the overall combat effectiveness of the Japanese Land Self-Defense Force in the future.

The heavy message was announced by Japan's defense equipment office, the report said. According to the defense equipment hall, the machinery giant, Komatsu, which was responsible for the development of the armored vehicle, delivered 5 cars to the hall in January, but in the inspection, it found that the body bulletproof plate was uneven and the thickness of the body was not enough. Even in the bullet proof test, the body was repeatedly shot through. In December last year, the office asked Komatsu to make improvements and postponed the completion of development from 2018 to 2021. Komatsu has also discussed the use of other vehicle body bulletproof materials, but the final evaluation results show that even further research and development can not meet the target of anti elasticity, body weight and production cost, and then decide to stop research and development.

According to introduction, this new type of wheeled armored vehicle began to develop in 2014, originally planned to replace the active service of the 96 type of armoured vehicle, which became the core equipment of Japan's Islands defense and overseas fast maneuver operations, and even formed the development of the car family.

Some analysts believe that because of the terrain limitations of Japan's island countries, Japan did not pay much attention to wheeled armored vehicles with low cross-country capability. Not until 1996 did Japan catch up with the world trend and began to equip itself with a large number of 8 wheeled 96 wheeled armored vehicles. Since then, Japan took part in the task of sending troops abroad. The 96 wheeled wheeled armored vehicles with a single price of 100 million yen were in the Middle East in 2004 to participate in real war patrols. However, only 15 tons of armored vehicles, which weigh only 15 tons, have quickly exposed problems in the actual combat environment, such as the weak overall protection, the single fire type, and the unreasonable internal structure, especially the explosive explosion of the roadside bombs in Iraq. For this reason, the bottom of the armored vehicle is generally designed as a V type lightning protection structure, but the bottom of the 96 armored vehicle. However, it presents a A shaped structure, which makes the occupants of the vehicle more easily killed when the vehicle accidentally triggers mines. What's more, in the opening day of the self defense team in November 13, 2016, the first tire on the right side of the 96 armored vehicle suddenly broke off when it turned on the right side, and the ocean was in full view in full view.

According to the Japanese defense Province, the new wheeled armored vehicle to replace the 96 armored vehicles will learn from the previous lesson, raising the battle to 20 tons and improving the defense capability. As the Japanese self-defence team is paying more attention to overseas missions, the car will also maintain airlift capacity to ensure rapid delivery when necessary and even to be assigned to "Islands to fight back" troops. Today, the project is abandoned, directly affecting the overall strength of the Japanese land self defense force planning. The Japanese defense equipment office admits that in the future it is "one piece of white paper" in this field, and will be able to rearrange the list or replace it with the imported equipment.

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