Japan's latest aegis destroyer launching or electromagnetic weapon experimental platform

Japan's latest aegis destroyer launching or electromagnetic weapon experimental platform

Source: China National Defense daily

Japan's Defense Ministry of the sea self-defense team recently announced that the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force of the new "Aegis" destroyer was held in July 30th and launched the launching ceremony. This is an upgraded version of the class destroyer, named 27DDG, and the seventh aegis destroyer of the Japanese marine self-defense force, and the same eighth aegis destroyers are also being built in full swing. So what is the ability of this 27DDG aegis ship, and what is the difference between the early diamond level and the Aegis class?

A late antiaircraft ship

The Japanese maritime self defense team, the first of the United States Navy to have a large "Aegis" missile destroyer, was equipped with a diamond class missile destroyer early in the early 90s of last century. The combat capability was equivalent to the US Army's Ali Burke IA. The ship built 4 ships successively, making the marine self-defence team owned by the Navy. Reliable regional air defense capability. At the beginning of twenty-first Century, Japan also developed an improved type of adage destroyer with ALI Burke IIA destroyer, which has increased two large hangar with a complete capacity of Aeronautical antisubmarine warfare, with a full load of 10 thousand tons of water, which is a real 10000 ton drive.

But as a result of a total of 2, a total of 4 warships, a group of 2 escorts, and a total of 8 destroyer level surface ships, including 1 helicopter carriers, 2 antiaircraft destroyers, and 5 general destroyers. Together, they form a strong marine mobile unit. But as a result of a total of 6, 8 antiaircraft destroyers were needed as air defense nodes. Because of the shortage of the aegis destroyer, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence team could only fill the vacancies with old warships.

To this end, as early as 2015, Japan claimed that it would build 2 new "Aegis" ships, of which the first ship was started in 2017, 2018 and 2020, and No. 2 was started in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Carrying "standard" -3 latest missile

The information released by the Japanese media shows that the 2 new 27DDG Destroyers have 8200 tons of standard drainage, full load of 10 thousand and 500 tons, electric propulsion systems, or mixed propulsion systems. The future will further increase electromagnetic railguns, laser near weapons, new radar systems, towing sonar, and so on. New weapons and equipment, strengthen the multitasking combat capability, make it the strongest combat ship in Asia.

Although the 27DDG destroyer is built by Japan, 92% of the equipment on the ship comes from the United States. The biggest difference between the ship and the destroyers such as the diamond and the adage lies in the installation of the Navy's naval cooperative engagement system, which makes the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence team further strengthen its operational synergy with the US Navy. Kada Yoji, a senior official in Qianhai, said, "although the use of the system in the exercise of the collective self-defense power needs to be judged by the superior, it can effectively intercept enemy missiles if they are used together with the US Army." This is not only conducive to Japan's defense, but also to reduce the danger of self-defense faced by many people. It can be said that this small system has further tied the maritime self defense force to the US Navy's chariots.

The 27DDG destroyer will install the new aegis SPY-1D (V) phased array radar. The radar is used to detect cruise missiles and other air attack targets in the coastal area. It is an important milestone in the history of the aegis radar. Besides improving the performance of the sea, it also improves the ability to detect and track the targets of cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missiles. There is a high data rate under the interference condition. In addition, the latest aegis baseline 9C version introduces a multitask information processor, which has the capability of air defense and ballistic missile defense radar signal processing, and has the capability of air defense and anti missile integrated defense. This will greatly enhance the capability of the air detection and anti missile accusation of the 27DDG destroyer.

According to the Japanese media, the ship's vertical launch system can reach 128 units of the cruiser level, exceeding the 112 unit of the 055 type destroyer of the newly launched China, which can be mixed with "standard" -2ER BLOCK III A/B long-range air defense missile, "standard" -3B BLOCK II A type sea base interceptor missile and "sea sparrow" improved air defense Guide The missile, "aslok" anti submarine missile and so on. In addition, the ship will also deploy the latest supersonic anti ship missile in Japan. This is the carrier model of the XASM-3 supersonic air to ship missile. It is a supersonic anti ship missile specially developed for a large surface ship in Japan. The cruise speed can reach 3 times the speed of sound. Cheng 150~200 km, equipped with a combination of active and passive radar seeker and GPS guidance system.

Or will be used as an experimental platform for electromagnetic weapons

The 27DDG destroyer has a large hull and plenty of electricity, which is a very good experimental platform for the next generation of Shipborne weapons test in Japan. According to the Japanese defense plan, the electromagnetic railgun and near defense solid state laser launcher will be tested on the 27DDG destroyer in the future. From 2008, the technical research and Design Bureau of the Ministry of defense of Japan began to develop solid solid laser weapons, which was installed on warships and on land heavy-duty platforms, to combat anti ship missiles, land attack cruise missiles or other high-precision strike weapons. If the equipment is replaced by the traditional near defense gun on the 27DDG destroyer, it will effectively enhance the near defense level of the ship.

In the future, the 2 27DDG missile destroyers, together with the former 6 aegis aegis destroyers, will jointly undertake strategic defense missions using high performance radar to detect ballistic missiles and intercepts outside the atmosphere of 200~300 kilometers away from the ground. At the same time, the Navy uses the naval cooperation system to strengthen cooperation with the US Navy and serve as a "pawn" for the US Navy.

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