The five nations competed for the sea landing competition and China took the top three.

The five nations competed for the sea landing competition and China took the top three.

Xinhua news agency, Fuzhou, July 30: Title: China's top 3 winners in the sea landing contest

Zhu Hongliang, Zhai Xiang and Wu Jian

Under the foot of general Shishi mountain in Quanzhou, the sound of refueling in different languages came one after another. At the high temperature of nearly 40 degrees Celsius, 30 days from China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Sultan, the 5 countries of the sea have launched a fierce competition in the first stage of the sea landing race.

1200 meters of hurdles, high and low, adjacent to the 19 obstacles quite a bit of a sense of oppression.

A total of 13 land combat classes were sent to 7 teams in 5 countries. In the eyes of contestants, this is not so much a battlefield as a battlefield. That barrier, if moved to the battlefield, combined with the enemy's defensive light and heavy weapons to stop shooting, is a terrible blocking net.

This is the difference between military matches and general competitions. According to the president of the referee Chen Weidong, the setting of the obstacle competition site lays particular emphasis on the characteristics of modern city operations, and builds a battlefield environment full of sudden and complicated situations, and tries to test the ability of single soldiers and teams to cooperate with each other.

According to the drawing order, the 1 teams of Chinese teams and 3 teams from Iran will take the lead. When the starting gun is fired, the players fly off, running, climbing, climbing and jumping.

They are not sportsmen wearing military uniforms, but armed combat teams that must alternately cover their way forward in teams.

"Running in the open must have tactical thinking." Chinese team coach Zhou Kai said, "under the bullets, it is hard to have more than three seconds to run straight and run."

No matter what it is. The reporter saw in the scene, through a variety of fence barriers, not everyone scramble to climb to the wall, but someone to hold the gun cover, someone with the body of the comrades on the top, the former comrades of the past also reconnaissance, to ensure the safety of the access.

The first obstacle they encountered was wooden fence. Wood fences are less in our current barrier settings, and in some forest rich countries, it is often used as a barrier to defenses, and there are more wood fences in the city. Compared with masonry structures or reinforced concrete walls, wooden fences can conceal the body of an attacker, but cannot withstand the penetration of powerful bullets. Once discovered, a person may be injured by a bullet, so he must be quick and clean.

But in a few seconds, the players have jumped.

Followed by the two meter high wall, it is recognized that the common architectural obstacles in the urban battlefield, the middle of the hole to simulate the damaged wall, the group through the tactical planning must be carried out in order from the wall of the wall or through the opening, the middle of the task of division of labor, vigilance, cover and other tactical considerations, can be described as "simple and not simple."

A reconnaissance soldier took the lead and confirmed the safety.

Traffic trench, barbed wire, water pipe road, ramp ladder...... One obstacle to another is leapfrogging. Finally, it's a 600 meter sprint.

After fierce competition, the Chinese team won the first group in 8 minutes and 35 seconds. Next, Russia, Venezuela and Sultan joined the team. After 7 rounds of competition, the Chinese team's 3 land battle classes took 7 minutes 51 seconds, 7 minutes 58 seconds, 8 minutes 35 seconds, and took 3 before the obstacle race. Among them, the 3 class got the reputation of the best land warfare class in 7 minutes and 51 seconds.

"The morning competition is a bit difficult. We learned the tactics of various countries from the competition, China's tactics are very good, Iran and Russia are also good. Venezuela team member Carlos Alvares Duno said.

It is reported that the "international military competition -2018" marine landing competition is divided into 3 stages, such as obstacles, survival and relay. The most prominent feature is to aim at actual combat, close to actual combat, reflect actual combat and fight for actual combat.

After the first stage of the obstacle race, the referee committee of the sea landing competition held a referee meeting in time. At the meeting, the judges of various countries spoke highly of the performance of the Chinese team, unanimously agreed on the results of the competition and signed the minutes of the meeting.

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