It's beyond endurance. The super family of the US business administration is advertising against Trump.

It's beyond endurance. The super family of the US business administration is advertising against Trump.

Speaking of the American Koch family, you may have heard something about it. After all, the Koch industrial group, created by the 82 year old Charles Koch and the 78 year old David Koch brothers, is the top second non-listed company of the United States, and the "Koch family" of his two is ranked second in the richest family in the United States.

Therefore, the Koch brothers are not only a common guest in the world's famous "rich list", but the "political network", constructed by the two, has a strong influence and ability to mobilize in the political arena of the United States.

However, the big American family, who had been neutral to President Trump and even praised Trump's tax cuts, is now "unbearable" of Trump's waving trade wars, and even publicly saying it will no longer support the American Republic that he had been supporting before. The party...

At present, including the United States CNN, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and many other major media in the United States have reported this blockbuster news.

According to the American media, the Koch brothers hold two grand events every year, inviting the gold owners of the "political network" for two people to "negotiate the country."

At the end of the three - Day weekend and hundreds of people, Koch's elder brother, Charles Koch, announced that he was worried about the U.S. government's trade war, saying that the U.S. economy faced a "catastrophe" with a US tax waving to many countries such as China. The risk of the decline of sex.

He also stressed that any degree of trade protectionism is harmful, and that no country is thriving on trade protectionism.

As a result, the US super rich and political business man said that the Koch brothers would launch a campaign to carry forward free trade and anti tariff policies and will continue to invest millions of dollars over the next few years.

Even Charles Koch, who has been supporting and funding the Republican Party, has also said that if Democrats are willing to support free markets and solve the US problems through the market, then Koch brothers are willing to cooperate with the Democrats who have been investing money before.

In addition, the Koch brothers said they would not be able to support Republican congressmen as easily as they used to, because they did not carry out their campaign commitments, instead of supporting some of the U.S. government's policy against the market, such as a bill to increase government spending in March.

The policy was widely regarded by the US media as one of the most important factors in the second quarter GDP of the United States to 4%, and the two quarter of the 4% was an important performance of Trump's display. But Koch brothers believes that this fiscal policy is extremely irresponsible.

In the American media, the Koch family's latest appearance is worth paying attention to because they not only praised the Trump administration and the Republican Party's tax cuts for big businesses in January, but also said they would continue to invest in the Zhan Shengmin main party in the election campaign.

But with Trump's conduct of trade wars in China and other countries, and the gradual emergence of related consequences, the latest expression of the Koch family is in sharp contrast to the comments made in January of this year.

In addition, in view of the position of the Koch family in the United States, the Koch brothers' attitude towards the Trump administration and the Republican Party, the American media also believed that it might bring a "chain reaction" to other Republican gold owners and supporters.

However, Trump did not see any problems with his approach. The White House said in a statement that Trump was a believer in free trade, and that he launched a trade war against other countries because these countries were unfair to the United States in trade and hindered free trade, so they would sanction them.

But his words did not convince the Koch brothers. And the newly created Koch brothers' agency rebukes the Trump administration's trade war that has damaged American farmers' interests and will soon begin to spread on the major media platforms in the United States.

The name of the film is "trade, no subsidies" - that American farmers do not want the $12 billion subsidy from the Trump administration, and what they want is to restore trade and markets in other countries such as China.

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