20 year old girl to reduce family burden and sell pork in summer: a precious growth

20 year old girl to reduce family burden and sell pork in summer: a precious growth

Original Title: Beauty-loving girl who works part-time in summer vacation, is used to greasy and fishy smell. She became a little pork expert in her best years

Hangzhou Daguanxi Sanyuan Farmer's Market, just after 1:00 p.m., is quiet enough to hear only the sound of the fan blades whirling vigorously.

Most vendors are drowsy, and others lie on the stall directly to doze off. On the two floor, a chain of pork stands at the corner is empty, and the refrigerator is full of goods. A thin girl in a yellow uniform sat upright, staring at the stairway most of the time except for occasional cell phone messages.

It's not easy to wait for a guest to go upstairs. The girl stood up smartly and greeted her with a smile on her face. What kind of meat would you like to eat today? " The other side looked at both eyes, laughing and shaking his head and walking away. The girl's young face, smile did not go down, "next time we look at, our family are authentic local pork, very good taste."

Her name is Feng Hongqian, a 20 year old summer job who sells pork exclusively.

To reduce the burden of the family

20 year old girl makes money from selling pork during the summer

This year is her second summer vacation for pork.

After graduating from high school, Feng hung Qian began to find part-time jobs. After leaving her hometown Qiandao Lake, she came to Hangzhou with her classmates. "To enter a new school means half a foot in the community. I want to exercise in advance." The girl paused, "the main thing is to lighten the burden on the family."

The girl's family is not rich. Dad worked on the construction site for a long time and could not go home. Mother cultivated land and kept sericulture. The countryside is fastidious about "face", so their family has built three and a half floors of small buildings, but the red bricks are painted with a layer of cement, the home is also the most primitive cement.

The success of Feng Hong Qian is not bad. In fact, the score of the college entrance examination is in fact enough for the undergraduate, but she does not want to allow her parents to pay more than ten thousand yuan a year, and choose to read preschool education in Jinhua Polytechnic. She likes this specialty.

Looking for a part-time job and earning some money can make her mother less living expenses. There are many job opportunities in Hangzhou. She has applied for the service of the little girl and the restaurant of the tea shop. But considering that she didn't hold it, she gave up. Just this pork chain store has an opportunity, 100 yuan a day, still encase. She feels right.

Last year, she earned the first barrel of life - 2000 yuan. When he came home, she brought his father tea to Hangzhou and bought some snacks for her mother. The rest of the money was saved. Because she knew the way, she came again this summer vacation.

Have been used to greasy and fishy smell

The beautiful girl has become a small pork seller

"Many people ask me, how can a little girl sell pork?" Rich red Qian's nose, forehead are permeated with dense sweat beads, self-question to answer up, "I make money to spend their own, straightforward and energetic. Besides, selling pork is not the same as selling drinks and yogurt. Which job is not hard, and what jobs can blow air conditioners and eat ice watermelons? It is more important to make money and to make money. "

In life, Feng Hongqian, like all his peers, likes to go shopping, love clothes, and often self - timer. After dealing with pork, she has a face to face every day, wearing her work clothes to and from work, and she often has a smell of flesh on her hands.

"I remember the first day, I want to introduce the pork to the guests, and I want to wash my hands every time I take it down." Later, she got used to washing her hands when she had to take time off a group of guests. "It wasn't that delicate, it wasn't that particular."

Now, speaking of pork, she is a small expert. Bones are divided into chops, canister bones, neck bones and tail keels. The front row of soup is better and the ribs are burning well. If you want to cook soup, some guests will think the ribs are too expensive, I will recommend the neck bone, the taste is also good.

Selling pork is a precious growth for Feng Hong Qian.

This year, Feng Hong qian does not leave much time for summer jobs. She has already enrolled in the undergraduate course of Zhejiang Normal University, and will have three subjects in October. She said that fate was in his own hands.

"Before I go home, I still need to bring gifts for my parents. I haven't thought about what to buy." The girl smiles.

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