Hong Kong media: the United States for fear of the mainland not allowing Cai Yingwen to transit to New York instead of Houston.

Hong Kong media: the United States for fear of the mainland not allowing Cai Yingwen to transit to New York instead of Houston.

[observer network comprehensive report], according to the Hongkong China Review Agency reported on July 31st, Cai Yingwen set off in August 12th to visit Paraguay and Belize for "a tour of the same Festival". The original outside guessed that Cai Yingwen first passed through the "Taiwan travel law" through the United States, the specifications should be improved, not excluded from Washington, or at least New York. About. The 30 day trip announced by the authorities to maintain the transit of the western United States is not the first time in Losangeles and Houston.

In the view of the Chinese government, the United States still scruples the Chinese mainland and will cause the Chinese mainland to be dissatisfied with Cai Yingwen's transit.

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Although the United States played "Taiwan" to try to contain the mainland of China, but Cai Ying-wen's visit to the transit city specifications have not improved, it seems that the United States is relatively customized. Although Cai Yingwen stressed that they did not ask the United States to cross the border with Washington, but if Cai could pass through Washington and exceed Chen Shuibian and Ma Ying-Jeou, how could it be impossible to grasp the opportunity? The so-called request for transit Washington is also the next step.

As Paraguay once reported that "diplomatic relations between states" were in danger, Cai's authorities were relatively restrained in crossing the United States, and also worried that the mainland of China would not be able to do so before the visit.

After the "Taiwan Travel Law" in the United States, Cai Yingwen's transit specification has no breakthrough. On the one hand, it shows that the US side's commitment to Taiwan is not true. On the other hand, the passivity of the Tsai authorities in Taiwan and the United States is shown. How to play the "Taiwan card" is almost manipulated in the hands of the US side.

According to observer network previously reported, Taiwan media reported on June, Cai Yingwen intends to visit Paraguay two. The reason given is that Paraguay's newly elected president Abdo invited Cai Yingwen to take part in the inauguration ceremony held in August this year. Cai Yingwen's trip to the United States is expected to cross the United States, if successful, this will be Cai Yingwen in the "Taiwan brigade law" after the first transit of the United States, it was considered to be an important indicator of the observation of the United States and Taiwan, the US reception will be improved.

According to reports, Cai Yingwen's three visits to Latin America, the South Pacific and other countries have passed through the United States in Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Hawaii and so on. Taiwan related people said that if the smooth passage and transit to the United States, this will be an important observation index to enhance the relationship between the United States and Taiwan. As this is the first time that Tsai English has crossed the United States since the passage of the "Taiwan Travel Law", the reception level and specifications of the United States should be "improved".

There are also people familiar with the matter that, although it is not the meeting period of the United States Congress in August, there are heavyweight members in various occasions, which can be expected. "It is suggested that the United Nations General Assembly will be on the stage in September, and the relevant important proposals will be warmer in advance in August, and the time will have space to play."

The spokesman of the National Taiwan office, Ann Feng Shan, has previously said that the Taiwan issue is China's internal affairs, and we firmly oppose any form of official and military contacts between the United States and Taiwan. I would like to point out that any act of carrying out an attempt to jeopardize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state will certainly be subject to the common opposition of the Chinese people and impossible to succeed.

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