Hubei also issued a document severely punished "live in a good room parents live in dilapidated houses".

Hubei also issued a document severely punished

Original title: Hubei another political and law organs jointly issued a document, severely punish "live in a good room parents live in dangerous".

Recently, the Jingzhou intermediate people's court, the people's Procuratorate, the Public Security Bureau and the Judicial Bureau jointly issued a "notice on urging family members to live together in safe housing" (hereinafter referred to as "the bulletin"), which requires that all families have safe housing, while some families are still living in the dangerous house, it must be done immediately. Take the initiative to access the safe housing life.

In some rural families in Jingzhou, some family members live in spacious, bright and safe houses, and other members of the family live in dirty, messy, poor, poor conditions, as well as the ability to escape the maliciously broken family relations, such as some villages, such as support, maintenance, and maintenance of legal obligations, such as some villages. The people live in a good house, but their parents live in a dangerous house.

To this end, the four Department jointly issued the announcement that it is the legal obligation of every citizen to support the elderly and raise their children. No one should be able to escape and do not fulfill their obligations. If the family has safe housing and some family members still live in the dangerous house, they must immediately take the initiative to live in a safe housing life, respect the living habits of the family members, deal with the good family relations, and achieve material support, life care, spiritual care, medical care. It is true that some old people have the traditional ideas of "poor homes and native land" and are reluctant to move away from them. Children must improve their original living conditions, ensure the safety of their residence, and do their duty to support them. Otherwise, the children will be punished according to law, and they shall be ordered to fulfill their duty of support.

At the same time, the villagers will be encouraged to call 12348 to report the illegal acts that do not fulfill their legal obligations and maliciously destroy the family relations. To verify the facts, the informants will be given appropriate rewards and will be kept confidential. Those who commit crimes of malicious destruction of family relations will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

The Jingzhou intermediate people's court and the Judicial Bureau said that the people's court may reduce the cost of litigation according to the application because of the failure to carry out the duty of support, support and support. The parties may apply to legal aid institutions for legal aid, and legal aid lawyers or grass-roots legal workers may provide free legal services.

Previously, the Hubei Daily Weixin (ID: hubeiribao181) also reported cases of red-headed documents on parental support in other cities and states of Hubei. Clicking links can jump to: rare! Hubei City, state political and law organs jointly issued a document: severely punish this unfilial behavior!

What is the specific situation? Come and look down with the little editor.

Prior to this, Hubei Enshi state political and law organs jointly issued a red tape to punish parents who failed to support their parents. Enshi intermediate people's court, Enshi people's Procuratorate, Enshi Public Security Bureau, Enshi State Judicial Bureau jointly issued a circular. According to the notice, "from the date of the announcement of this notice, the alimony has safe housing but the support person still lives in the old house, and the support obligor should immediately take the initiative to access the life of the safe housing and fulfil the duty of support, otherwise the political and law organs will punish the maintenance personnel accordingly."

As you can see, the full text of the full text is draconian

Why would Enshi state the announcement?

A few days ago, there were some local cases


For example, in Xuanen County,

This is the case:

The children live in such a bright new home

The old man lived in a deserted wood house

Hou and Mou, who lives in Xuanen, has 4 children. After her husband died in 2014, Hou and MOU followed his son Zhang's 3 life together. In 2016, after Zhang's 3 out of work, Hou and Mou lived alone. With the growth of age, Hou's life is gradually difficult to take care of himself. In March 2018, after one month of 2 support for her mother, Zhang believed that he had done his duty. It should be carried out by other children. In April 15, 2018, his wife sent her mother to the village of precise poverty alleviation "sharp knife class". In April 2018, in addition to Zhang Mou-4, Hou Mou-4's other children are not at home, and Zhang Mou-4 only sent a meal after the mother no longer care about Hou Mou-4.

As the elderly have Alzheimer's, they have lost their ability to take care of themselves. In the long run, the elderly will be in danger of life. In April 18, 2018, the local authorities helped the elderly to file a lawsuit to the Lijia River Court in the people's Court of Xuanen County in April 18, 2018, requiring four children to pay 800 yuan to the plaintiff on a monthly basis. Alimony and fulfil the duty of care and support, and at the same time forced by circumstances to apply for enforcement measures to the court.

With the help of police officers, the old people's life is finally guaranteed, their legitimate rights and interests are protected, and the lawsuit will be tried after the hearing.


Similar cases are also encountered in Badong County, Enshi

A red headed document is also published.

In Badong County, in carrying out the strategic work of poverty alleviation and implementation of "Rural Revitalization", it is found that in some areas the children live in spacious and bright safe housing, and their parents and other dependents live in the poor and old houses of black, dirty, disorderly and bad conditions for a long time. What's more, in order to let the dependant live in a dilapidated house as a means, cheat and acquire state funds.

For example, the situation of a local family:

Children's housing

Parents' housing

At that time, the people's Court of Badong County, the people's Procuratorate of Badong County, the Public Security Bureau of Badong County, the Judicial Bureau of Badong county and the Badong County Civil Affairs Bureau also issued a joint announcement that the alimony should immediately connect the dependents to the living living in the safe housing, respect the living habits of the dependents, and deal with the relationship of the good family members and ensure the relationship between the family members and the family members. Old people live in a safe and comfortable life; indeed, because the old home is hard to live in, so the land is hard to leave, children must ensure that in their original place of residence have safe housing, food and clothing.

Red head file

For those children who fail to fulfil their obligations to support their parents.

The alarm bells!

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