85 year old 400 thousand buy health care products without a penny in the street, continue to buy.

85 year old 400 thousand buy health care products without a penny in the street, continue to buy.

Original title: video, old man spent about 400000 on health products and finally broke down in the streets.

The 85 year old sun is a native of Xiangyang, Hubei. At the age of 27, he responded to the call to support the frontier and set up a career in Xinjiang. More than a decade ago, when his wife died, uncle sun decided to return to his roots. But his family was no longer alive. In 2008, uncle sun came to Wuhan and began to contact health care products. Despite a 4,800-yuan monthly pension, Grandpa Sun's life was extremely distressed, excluding the rent and the increasing cost of health care products.

Roughly calculated, in his 10 years in Wuhan, uncle sun spent at least 400 thousand yuan on health care products, with few pensions left. In July 16th, uncle sun was driven out by the hostel owner because he couldn't pay the rent. Three days in the street, in July 19th, uncle sun was discovered by the police and sent to the rescue station. According to the rescue station staff, when Uncle sun arrived, the luggage was big and small with 16 boxes, of which only 7 boxes of health products were available. In the old man's carry on bags, there are also his collection of health care brochures. During the stay in the station, the elderly also proposed to buy health care products several times after returning to Xinjiang.

Because of the old people's household registration in Xinjiang, and too much carry-on luggage, the rescue station decided to special agent for grandfather's luggage check-in procedures.

Wuhan rescue management station staff Liu Lu told reporters: "he now has a total of 11 boxes, almost 200 kilograms. Older, so we have four people to accompany us all the way. At present, Wuhan rescue management station staff have returned to Xinjiang.

Source: Hubei economy

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