Women are not aware of poisonous insect bites.

Women are not aware of poisonous insect bites.

Original title: Video woman is bitten by a poisonous insect. No one knows why her toe is ulcerated.

Mrs. Huang, a citizen, took a cool outdoor ride a few days ago. Suddenly she felt her toes were red and itchy. At first she thought it was a mosquito bite, but she didn't care. Subsequently, Ms. Huang took anti-inflammatory drugs, still no improvement, a few days later, her toes began to ulcerate, the situation is more serious.

The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Jiang Bin Hospital Department of orthopedics vice director Meng Shi Jing said: "this patient is a blister after his hand scratching the wound, in addition to the insect with bacteria our hands also have bacteria, more easily infected."

Ms. Huang is 10 days, because of the deep toe infection, bone exposure, is still in the treatment, if the recovery is not good, it is likely to face the risk of the toe.

Ms. Huang said, "the nurse will help me to pierce the bubble and squeeze out the foreign body."

In fact, we should not be too nervous. If we pay attention to it and handle it properly, we can avoid danger. The first thing to do is to keep away from all kinds of ant poisonous insects. If you are not careful, you should distinguish between what kind of mosquito bites it is.

Huang Jun, deputy director of the emergency department of the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region riverside hospital, said that, like some of the toxin, it is obvious that the pain is more obvious, or some of the local reactions, such as swelling.

Once determined to be bitten by such a poisonous insect, do not scratch and deal with the wound immediately. The doctor also told reporters that after the early onset of red itching, a lot of patients will choose to apply water, ointment and other antipruritic, but can be painted around the affected area, do not cover the bite of the wound.

For some physically sensitive patients, the incidence rate will be very fast, so long as they feel unwell, they should immediately seek help. To be bitten by poisonous insects, the most important thing is to pay attention to, at any time to observe their own body reaction, appear discomfort quickly medical treatment.

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