Direct to flaw, the future Hanford plant starts vehicle assembly.

Direct to flaw, the future Hanford plant starts vehicle assembly.

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the morning of the morning news, Faraday Future (Future) today (Faraday) announced today, the company Hanford factory in July 30th to start the vehicle assembly in July 30th.

FF said that on the day of launch and assembly, the first 91 FF BIW arrived at the factory two days ahead of schedule. The model appeared in Las Vegas on the eve of CES 2017.

Last week, FF said it had enough cash to invest $2 billion and was ready to refocus on the FF91 all-electric vehicle. The company is currently testing the car at high speed.

The company said FF 91 "is entering the final testing phase to verify battery, thermal and power assembly". In the final test phase, the company took the FF 91 prototype vehicle to the Ohio state traffic research center for two tests, respectively, "motorway driving cycle" and "running at 120 mph".

In June this year, FF announced the completion of the first round of financing of $2 billion, the participants in the financing for Evergrande Health, Jia Yueting as CEO. This makes the troubled electric car startups hope to get rid of the long-standing financial problems. Prior to this, fle plans to bring the car to market in 2018. However, the financial problems led the company to adjust the production plan.

Dag Reckhorn, a senior vice president for FF, said: "our team and suppliers have no doubt faced a lot of challenges for the schedule or even the schedule of FF 91 ahead of time. This is indeed the biggest progress in two years. While focusing on the luxury and quality of the final product, we have been focusing on teamwork, avoiding business' island ', and our efforts are rewarded. "

"This is one of the most important developments FF has made in the final phase of bringing'New species'FF91 to the market," said Jia Yueting, founder and global CEO of FF. Adhering to the most true FF spirit, our team and global partners have surpassed ourselves and completed this important phase of task ahead of time. " (Zhou Feng)

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