The excrement of the old man's swimming pool leads to the indignation of the people (picture)

The excrement of the old man's swimming pool leads to the indignation of the people (picture)

Original title: the video is disgusting! Monitoring and photographing the old people's swimming pool excretion and exustration lead to indignation.

With the continuation of the hot weather in Suzhou, swimming in the swimming pool has become a recreational sport for many citizens. However, some phenomena in the swimming pool are also somewhat unacceptable.

In a video surveillance video, an old man is swimming in a swimming pool, but after he is passing the pool, the swimmers around him suddenly start pointing to a region there. What has happened?

Citizen Mr. Wang: "Really a little nauseated, I went in and looked, found that the staff took a net pocket in the fishing, fishing in the water. We also do not want this to happen, but in summer people are too numerous and too complicated to manage. Originally, in the area where the old man swam, some excrement was salvaged, and the air was still filled with unpleasant smell.

The swimming pool said the old man left the scene without apologizing or explaining to the pool after such an uncivilized act.

The person in charge of the swimming pool: "The first time to salvage things, and then a large number of water changes, water changes after the dosage, to ensure the quality of water."

The swimmers also made corresponding compensation for the swimmers who were in the stadium at that time. The person in charge said that the excretion in the pool happened from time to time, but the excretion in the pool and occurred in adults is rare. A media survey found that China excreted most of its children in swimming pools. More than 85% of boys aged 7 to 17 years old, and 45% of girls also have similar situations.

Swimming pool Coach: "in this case, we are mainly to communicate with parents, let children pay more attention to the personal habits of this area."

At the same time, swimmers need to be civilized and standardized. After all, a pool of clean water needs to be built together.

Source: Suzhou news

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